Thursday, April 22, 2010

Glad to see me - Part 2 (what the neighbors heard)

Now that I have described what it's like to come home to the brood, I will write about what the neighbors hear. Neighbors who live on the other side of the wall and cannot see, they can just listen.

(coming through the gate) "Luna, what's the matter? Why are you there if you don't like them?"

(at the front door) "Cappuchina, leave her alone, and no, you're not going in".

"Blacky, move away from the door. MOVE!".

(opening the door) "Loco, wait".

"Hi Maya. Minina, stay back, you're not going out".

"Luna, come, it's ok. Luna, come on. MAYA! Minina, vamos".

"Ok, good girl. Loco, you stay out there and wait, I'll be right back".

"Smokey, stop that. Maya - knock it off. MAYA!!".

(back out on the terrace) "I know you have to go to the bathroom but I have to wash my feet. Just wait".

"First I'm going to the store, before it rains. You guys (meaning Blacky and Loco) stay here, I'll be right back. Loco, you WAIT."

(down at the store) "Blacky! Get home. Go on - GO!"

(walking down the road towards home) "Loco, bad dog, you opened the gate. Stay down. Stay DOWWWN! You idiot, get inside. Inside. INSIDE!!".

"Ok, since you dogs probably went to the bathroom during your escape, you can just wait until I give the cats their tuna. Cappuchina, I'll be right back. No, you don't have to go inside, just hold on, ok?"

(inside the house) "Tuna, who wants tuna? Luna, come on."

(the other cats in the kitchen) "Meow, meow, meow, MEOW!" (translation, would you hurry with the tuna already?!")

"Smokey, get DOWN! Geez!"

(the cats) "slurp, mnmnmnm, smack, smack"

"Smokey, let her finish, it's not yours. Maya, you too!"

(on the front terrace) "Here you go Cappuchina - enjoy".

"Ok Loco, it's your turn. Bano! Blacky, you're next..."

...and on and on it goes...


Jane said...

You reminded me of some funny stuff -- activities imagined upon hearing conversations through walls. Oh my, how minds do wander. Hee hee

KfromMichigan said...

So Funny!

Islagringo said...

We do do that! Talk to our pets like they are human and can understand us! blah blah Blackie, blah blah!

Sue said...

Jane - I know what you mean, I've spent some nights in hotel rooms where the walls were thin and overheard things that I could only imagine what they were (sometimes I was wrong!!).

K - glad you enjoyed.

Wayne - I think they do understand. Maybe not the actual words, but the tone of voice, and maybe some keywords. They certainly know what it means when you start off towards them and they are doing something wrong...zoom, they wait until the last minute and then they take off. They know!