Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wordy Wednesday

I'm not sure what the Wordless Wednesday is all about in the blogging community (guess I didn't read the memo). So since I don't know about it, I'll just go ahead and blather on...

Today was just one of those days.

Our golf cart is with the mechanic - oh - I forgot to mention, we have a different golf cart. Limey finally gave it up for good last month, so we left him with the mechanic to use for parts (and some of the parts made their way back to us, like the rearview mirror). We took another used golf cart off his hands, one with the bigger tires, and boy, what a difference tires make when navigating over speed bumps and pot holes. We all (Loco included) like the new cart, but we were in such dire need we took it from the mechanic last month before he was really done fixing everything. So it's back for just a little 'nip and tuck'.

The other day I drove past Limey parked in front of the mechanic's home, and I didn't even feel the slightest sadness or nostalgia that he is now part of our past. Limey annoyed me too much at the end, I was ready to be done with him (and his costly repairs that never lasted more than a couple of weeks). Miguel was the one who hated to let go, he felt that little cart worked its heart out for him (and it did - it hauled everything you can imagine and only broke down a few times while doing so).

Miguel's cell phone bit the dust yesterday. I replaced it with a new one but didn't tell him, so he left early this morning without a phone. He had to go to get the keys from the guests from one of the homes out near Garrafon and then wait for the cleaning crew to arrive since this would be a same-day turnover of a very large home and property. Of course his phone rang here at the house, and of course I answered it.

A panicked voice of a guest checking out of one of the other homes - "I'm going to miss the ferry and I've left my passport in the safety deposit box and we've locked the keys inside the house because we're leaving. We need Miguel to come and let us in right away". I told her he was at least 10 minutes away, if I could even reach him, and felt sorry for her when I heard her sigh of dismay.

I called the house where Miguel was, except the cleaning crew had arrived and he was no longer there. He was somewhere - either looking for the yard worker in Col. Guadalupana, checking on guests at another house with same-day turnover, buying orange juice at the local market, over at the apartments checking on guests there, or simply on the road to one of those destinations.

With a spare set of keys at our house, I jumped in a cab and had to deal with an English-speaking Mexican man in the back seat who decided to get my life history in the 5 minutes we would be sharing the cab. "What's your name?" he asked. I replied - "Sue". For the life of me he couldn't pronounce it - "Sus" (no, Sue), "Susana" (no, Sue), "Sus" (no, S U E, I spelled it), "Su-eh" (no, it's really Sue but ok, Susana)". In my frantic mood, I really wasn't in the mood to chat, so was glad when we arrived at the house in question.

Nobody was there. As I put the key in the lock, the front door opened - it was unlocked. I entered, and a stiff wind blew the door shut with a bang. The kitchen window was wide open. Hmmm...I went into the bedroom and noticed that the safety deposit box was open, and the two sets of house keys were on the kitchen counter. I guessed that the woman had climbed in the kitchen window (no easy feat, the window overlooks the pool with a very narrow ledge, and is a little high - no idea how she actually managed to do that without falling in). She got her passport and in her rush to make the ferry, she forgot to lock the front door when she left. So luckily I was there to secure the house, it's located in a area known to have problems with break-ins.

When I got home the woman had left a voice message saying that she had climbed in the kitchen window, but discovered that her passport was not in the safe, it was in her bag all along. She apologized for leaving the window and door open. Poor thing - she must have wanted to kick herself, it was all for nought, but I know how easily one can panic when in a hurry and you can't find the one thing you know you must have. Sometimes the thing is right before my eyes but I don't see it because my brain is racing - she probably went through her bag several times before deciding she'd left her passport in the safe. I do hope she made her flight.

Good thing we had already arranged not to do breakfast for our guests today - that would have been one stress we didn't need. We'll see what tomorrow brings...


Life's a Beach! said...

How will we spot your whereabouts when we're on the island?!!! Someone at the drive-in beer store has a lime green cart. On this last trip, we thought you and Miguel were spending a lot of time there until I realized it was not Limey. Poor Limey. Hope Loco's doing better!

IslaZina said...

RIP Limey. I have driven past him, wondering if the mechanic's was his final resting place. Now I know. Thought of you and Loco as we went to get our rabies shot yesterday in El Parque in Salina Chica.

Sue said...

Beck - it's funny, we now wave at people who used to always wave at us, but they don't even notice so we know it was the golf cart that tipped them off. I don't mind being a little incognito now and then, but you can be SURE it was not ME at the beer store.

Z - I am not giving Loco or the cats the yearly shots. Maybe every 3 years for the cats, not sure I'll ever give them to Loco again as dogs with immunity issues can have bad side effects, similar to what we're seeing with Loco. I try not to use insecticide at all, and if I do to make sure he's not anywhere close - all this stuff can be dangerous for him. I discussed with the vet and he was in complete agreement. We'll see, first we have to get him over this hump...

jackie said...

I agree with Beck. How will I recognize you and Miguel without Limey? It should be nice to have cart that you can count on not breaking down though. Good luck!

"On Wednesdays all over the internet, bloggers post a photograph with no words to explain it on their blog. Hence the ‘wordless’ title. The idea is that the photo itself says so much that it doesn’t need any description."

However, I have seen many blog posts with a photo and still the need for at least one sentence to describe the photo. I think of WW another way to share and view photos.

Anonymous said...

Don't quit blogging you have such interesting stories. Now you also have all the strange renter ones too, lol. I never understand why people don't prepare on packing day. I put everything in plastic sleeve, passport, shuttle, airline info, custom card. I also put tip money together for ferry, shuttle, airport luggage I hate fumbleing around to find stuff and it is great all in place. NOW Ed is another story lol. He doesn't zip his bags, pulls money out of pants pockets - drives me crazy lol. No wonder he has lost 3 phones! Hope medicine is working for Loco Judy