Thursday, April 30, 2009

Slacking off?

I swear I have a bunch of great blogs brewing in my mind. I even have most of one in draft form from last week. But finding the time to put it all together is proving a challenge as I'm still catching up with online courses. Along with kitty demands, work, houseguests (a pleasure, but still takes some of my time), and the daily routine, I just am not finding the energy at the end of the day to be creative.

I realized that my daily routine is something I should write about, so that's one blog coming up. I still have to finish writing about our trip to Norway, and now I have some great photos from Miguel's trip to Oaxaca and I'm trying to get him to tell the story to go with the pictures. And of course there are always animal stories, every day something happens here. You know the reality tv show Jon and Kate plus 8? Well, I feel like Sue and Miguel plus seven and counting - we have SEVEN warm fuzzy bodies all vying for some attention to their little peculiar needs, and a few warm fuzzy bodies out there on their own vying for attention to the fact that they're hungry. Then there are the non-fuzzy things vying for attention - like plants and dust-bunnies. Wait - maybe the dust-bunnies ARE fuzzy afterall? I chase them every day, but the next day there they are again; I think they multiply in the cracks of the grout on the tile floors.

Anyway, since I'm not writing today or probably even tomorrow, I am going to go and reply to all the nice comments you people have written. I do appreciate your comments, so thanks for being there.

So off I go, to the comments pages. Adios!


Life's a Beach! said...

I know the feeling Sue! With work and trying to just keep up the minimum at home, I've been pretty uninspired to blog! But I promise it'll get better in June when I'm back lying on my sofa again!

My dust bunnies are comprised of dog fur!

Bennie said...

You are not the only one that has been too busy to write. I have not posted anything in a while. I have ideas but then the back porch calls to me, or like you say a furry warm body.

7 animals now... One more and that's is.. 8 is enough right?