Saturday, July 25, 2009

What happened to summer?

I'm here in the banana belt of Canada, the Niagara region. Home of fruit orchards, grape vineyards, birthplace of James Cameron ( director of 'Titanic'), our magnificent Niagara Falls, and of course, the Capri Restaurant.

What's that? You've never heard of the Capri Restaurant? If you like lasagna, ravioli, gnocci, fettuccini...all in a homemade red sauce, you must visit the Capri Restaurant when you come to Niagara Falls. Thick, crusty Italian bread, garden salad topped with house dressing, and a plate of steaming pasta is a meal I never miss when I come back to Canada. They also have steaks, chicken parmigiana, seafood, and other delicious menu options, but for me it's all about the pasta. We're going there tonight.

I arrived back late Thursday night, to a pleasant evening. My taxi driver told me how cool and rainy it's been here, but to me it felt refreshing. I've been sweating in the heat and humidity on Isla and the cooler air feels great. Yesterday seemed very nice to me too, although it was mostly overcast. And today looks the same, but the doors and windows are open and it's very comfortable.

The flowers and gardens here look lovely and lush; very different than our flowers back in Mexico. I enjoy the view as I drive around running errands.

The locals claim they have not had summer this year - it has rained almost every day and the temperature has not gotten up to normal summer temperatures at all. I know if I was living here every day and putting up with this weather I'd be ticked off too, but instead I am enjoying not wiping sweat from my brow every time I move. But for people who endured a long harsh winter, the current weather is a disappointment. And they know there isn't much time left for summer to show up.

So even though I'm leaving in a few days, I'll wish the weather improves and summer makes an appearance. If all else fails, people will just have to come down to Isla to get their summer fix - we definitely have it going on right now.


jeanie said...

Sue I was hoping you'd be bringing some of that Isla sun with you! Here in Crystal Beach the firemen are sponsoring an all day Battle of the Bands Fundraiser. Drop by if you can it's at Waterfront Park (by The Palmwood) We're all going rain or shine (hoping for shine). Hope your little ones are all OK.
PS Fabulous new Place on Erie called Amerretos

Life's a Beach! said...

Sue, we occasionally had that same no-summer experience in the Seattle area, and it was a huge disappointment. But like you, I'd love to have some summer weather like that! I just keep counting down knowing that our time in the blast furnace will be over soon! I'll be so glad when we're back down in the 90's!

Ann said...

Same conditions as we have had here in NE! Very disappointing!

Sue said...

Jeanie - maybe I did bring good weather? Sunday was hot and sunny, and today is looking to be the same. I'm leaving today though - so hope it sticks with you.

Beck - I don't know how anyone can live in Seattle. It's a pretty place but the rain and overcast skies would knock me down with depression. Hoping your 'furnace' weather eases up soon.

Ann - maybe our good weather will migrate over your way, hopefully that's the way the winds are taking it.

Islagringo said...

B is from Buffalo. I love that whole Niagara Falls area. We almost went back this year just to view the fireworks on the 4th over the gorge. Never have done the Maid of the Mist thing. Boats, you know!

Scottozoid said...

OMG The Capri!!! I remember that...

It has been mostly brutally hot this summer in North Texas: we had one stretch of like 15-16 consecutive days over 100. Ugh.

I would love a few days at Niagara and St Catharines, just like I loved going to Colorado and getting away from the heat...

Next up for me: New York City in about 3 weeks...I wonder how I will feel about the weather there in August?

Bennie said...

I'm glad you got the break from the heat Sue. It sounds good to me too but I don't live through those brutal winters so I can understand why they want summer to show up.

Hope you enjoyed your meal!

Sue said...

Wayne - would you believe I had never done the Maid of the Mist until about 5 years ago? Now I've done it twice and I'm in awe of the power of those falls. So beautiful and the boat tour really brings it close to home - not scary at all. I hope you get to visit Niagara Falls again and try the Maid of the Mist. Now, the Whirlpool Jet Boat Tour is another story - I've done it twice and I don't think I'll ever do it again - just a little too scary for me even though it too is awesome.

Scott - Niagara was hot and humid my last couple of days, although not "Texas" hot by any stretch. We were talking about how the Capri could use another face-lift - I think the last one was about the time you were there. Have a good time in NYC - I went there once in late August (2 weeks before the towers came down) and the weather was perfect.

Bennie - you KNOW I enjoyed my meal, and is seems like I did bring summer as it got hot and humid just before I left.