Thursday, July 16, 2009

Where have we been hanging out?

Our lives are busy. Not much time to enjoy our beautiful island and home. Here's where Miguel's been spending a lot of his time:

Yes, Miguel is hoping to have a second unit at Capi's Apartment by the end of the year. Money is tight but we are scraping up a bit here and there to give some out-of-work workers some much-needed cash. Poco a poco, is how we have to take it this time. Miguel is working right along-side his laborers. For him it means long hours, hot sun, missed meals, early bedtimes. But he's happy, so that's what counts.

Loco has managed to get out and about a bit. Here Miguel was giving him a ride up and down our street because the golf cart was out of service for a few days and Loco was missing his tours:

Although he rides the moped quite well, the family mode of transportation, the untrusty golf cart, is his preferred method.

Last night Miguel arrived home after work just in time to hop on his moped and go buy his lottery tickets. While there he ordered some burgers from our favorite cart across the street from the lottery, and came back to get us so we could all go back on the golf cart to pick up the burgers and give Loco his tour.

The cats don't do much, they are masters at just hanging out. Here's Luna before I banned her from the inside this week:

"Someone" has been showing disapproval, and I think it's Luna and I think it's because she is not happy that Smokey is around. Just guessing, but until she gets her snit under control, she is living outside (where she is perfectly happy anyway and she can do her job killing rodents).

I've been inside working, as usual, but it's been so hot and humid that I've been closing the doors and windows and putting on the a/c. We are all cold now, but at least more comfortable, and even these two decided to snuggle (which they never normally do):

Maya and Minina

Maya has turned into a solid, heavy, big cat. She doesn't do much; in fact, to play with the flying cat toy, she just lies on the floor and swipes at it. Minina and Smokey jump and run and do flips to catch the toy, but that's just too much for Maya. She just lays there waiting for it to come her way and half-heartedly bats at it. Her reflexes are nothing like the other two cats, sometimes I wonder if she is 100% cat!


What can I say about Smokey? She is all kitten and we love watching her. She loves to toss and carry her furry mice around, and there is a soft ball she carries around too. The biggest toy she carries is a squirrel that belongs to Loco. Smokey can get that toy up on the bed, and she loves to attack it and kick her back feet at it - sometimes she even makes it squeak. Sometimes we will go into the spare bedroom and find Smokey sprawled out, surrounded by her four toys. Smokey plays hard, and sleeps a lot to recover.

Me...on Sunday I decided that I have not been paying enough attention to the need to take one day (or even part of it) and relax. So I went to Playa Norte, where I haven't been in a long, long time (near Buhos). I sprawled in the sand in the shade of the palm trees and read, dozed, and dipped in the sea for a couple of hours. And then I came home, dipped in the pool, and then dozed and read in the blue hammock.

The water, whether it be pool or sea, is so warm at this time of year - it's my favorite time. Hopefully I will be able to repeat the above next Sunday!


Life's a Beach! said...

Sue, I love all your animals. Maya IS a big cat! And Loco's such a character! Funny how some animals love their furry toys. Saby shows happiness by running and getting a toy when we come home. Sometimes she grabs her squirrel when we tell her it's walk time and hauls it outside with us.

Glad you took a day to rest and relax! I think everyone needs that once a week!

KfromMichigan said...

I love the pets! Thanks for the update on them. You are so lucky to live is such a beautiful place! Enjoy the beach time. I'm so jealous.

Islagringo said...

I love that M cares enough about Loco to take him for a ride on the moto so he can get his fix!

Sounds like you have the right idea. Take some time for yourself just to relax.

Jackie said...

Love the photo of Loco on the scooter with Miguel. That's one brave puppy!