Wednesday, April 14, 2010

24hrs in my life

Just because I think it's ok to eat pizza for breakfast doesn't mean that I should share it with Smokey.

Here I am with two dogs who are supposed to protect me. The first is under the bed, scared of the thunder. The second is crouched in the corner by the front door because she's scared of the monster bicycle parked beside the nice dry corner where I placed her bedding. Only Cappuchina, the cat, understands why the bicycle is draped with sheets of plastic to provide shelter from the blowing rain.

6 am is just a little too early to scoop out cat litter to make it out to the curb for pick-up.

For the next 12 days I am going to try living downstairs to see if I can get my sore ankle better. Not sure if the stairs are aggravating it, but it is aggravating me - I do not like handicaps!

My new cell phone is confused. When I bought it yesterday I tried to register it in Miguel's name at the store. When I didn't get confirmation back, Luis (my taxi driver) suggested we go to the Telcel store directly. We did, and they took a copy of my FM3 and said they would register it in my name instead. Now the phone works, but it keeps asking for a CURP, so it must still think it belongs to Miguel. Only another trip to the Telcel store will clear up this one. Good thing I have to go to Cancun again anyway.

Three pretty blue bikes at Sorianna and not one was flawless. The first had a torn-off handle grip, the second was missing some paint on a key joint, and the third made a horrible squeal. So I'm stuck with pink. Guess that guarantees that Miguel won't be borrowing it.

Doubling a dough recipe, even when the book provides the doubled recipe, can result in a liquid, sticky mess that requires lots more flour to even be able to handle it. Sort of changes the flavor and texture of the crust, I think I'll stick to the normal recipe instead.

Last night's pasta craving resulted in cold pasta salad and hot pasta with Miguel's cherry tomato sauce augmented with pizza sauce. Along with a cold chicken salad sandwich, my tummy was content.

Working on some ideas for web pages, will start coding in a day or so. Right now I have some tax papers to sign and fax back.

The rain last evening and this morning means I don't have to water the gardens for another couple of days.

Thinking about swirling some darker paint over the concrete steps on the inside staircase. No matter what we do the footprints show up. Maybe a darker paint will blend in?

Miguel told me to be patient with the cats. No problem, I told him. Well, last night was a problem. I had to get off the couch numerous times to get Smokey to stop tearing my papers. Finally I wrapped them all in the tablecloth and put them on a stool. She found them and tried to get at them through the cloth. So I put a huge sweater over the pile, that fixed her.

Just received a call from Telmex. "Buenas noticias!" (good news), they claim. Hmmm...for whom, I wonder? For once I listened to the spiel, and it sounds like I'm going to have the same stuff I have now but will pay less - 300 pesos less. We'll see. Maybe the competition with Yoo! (Cablemas) packages has them scrambling to keep customers. Why am I leery?

Sorry, but even though the loudspeaker sounds excited about the circus, I'm not. Those poor animals tied to the trailers look unhappy. But at least this year I'm not listening to "Ooh Aah, Ooh Aah Aah....walla walla bing bang" for days and weeks on end.


Anonymous said...

Ooh eee, ooh aah ahh, ching chang, walla walla bing bang! Ooh eee, ooh aah aah, ting tang walla walla bing bang!!!

Life's a Beach! said...

Hope the ankle gets better! My hip was killing me before I started working. I think it was from exercise walking. Now that I'm more sedentary, it doesn't hurt. So it's a Catch 22. My hip's better, but I'm packing on pounds. Ugh!

Sue said...

Don't know who knew the words, but thanks! (was that you, Jen??)

Beck - I read that the one pill causes weight gain. I don't need that, I hope I don't get that side effect. And I'm not going up and down the stairs like I was, so like you, I'm more sedentary and that is never good. Gotta get moving again!