Saturday, February 5, 2011

Incredible Hot Dog

Last night we went to Comono's for dinner. I had only been there once before, several years earlier, and it was an off night for service, and I probably didn't order well (as I recall it was some kind of sandwich).

Last night I ordered chicken schnitzel - also known as breaded chicken or pollo empanizado. We also ordered the house salad, topped with fried cheese balls. Randy ordered the meat plate.

Before the food was brought out, they gave us a plate of tostadas and a delicious dip called something like 'chimy chimy' - a parsley, onion, garlic, olive oil, balsalmic vinegar combination that was great.

We also enjoyed the house salad and cheese balls. I rolled my cheese balls in the salad dressing - yum!

My chicken came with fries, and even though they were frozen fries, they were really good, not dry and hard like so many other places.

Randy's meat plate looked interesting from my side of the table. I saw a sliced-open sausage, 3 hamburg patties with a white cream sauce on top, and then some little things that looked like upside-down animal feet. Closer inspection revealed the feet to be quartered hot dogs, cut twice across one end, sort of like you do with a radish or something when you want to make it decorative. The pieces of hot dog had been deep fried, and were a little crispy and a deep brown color. I couldn't resist trying one, and was pleased to find that they had put a little mustard and relish in the center of the decoration end - just enough to give it some flavor.

After our meal we were stuffed but a couple of desserts on the menu struck our interest, so we took home the chocolate sausage, and the chocolate tempura. Since whipped cream was placed on the side, as soon as we got home we had to eat the desserts. We decided that there was a better name for the chocolate sausage - maybe chocolate fudge roll would be more appealing. We really loved the chocolate tempura dipped in whipped cream - crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside - I would get that again in a minute.

I hate to admit this, but the hot dog was the best part of the meal, and I don't say that with sarcasm, because we thought everything was well-prepared and delicious. We decided we might go back and order the meat plate to share, and ask them to skip the other meats and just load the plate with little hot dog feet.


Anonymous said...

The title sure got MY attention:-))

Life's a Beach! said...

LOL. Like Carl, I thought maybe you'd made a trip to the Bimbo dog cart.

jeanie said...

I am fascinated with the Mexican fascination with hot dogs. I am becoming aware of this oddity by blogs. OK there is the ubiquitous Bimbo dog but hot dogs of any type are international street food because it's easy to make and eat. I actually can't think of any other street food in Niagara.
Wayne has talked about deep fried hot dogs on his blog that are available in Yucatan. Jonna has also mentioned these wonders that are considered a real treat.
I've read that sometimes sausage pizza actually has sliced hotdogs on it. Is it because it's American? Hech they even put a layer in that sandwich thing that looks like a cake.
I find it odd but then...I have never eaten a hot dog. Hmmm

Nancy said...

I saw those deep fried hot dogs all over Merida, but most of the time they were served with soggy looking fries so I didn't order them. Next time I'm going to try them and give the fries to hubby. They are called salchipapas, when served with fries. The dip you had sounds like chimichurri. I've never tried it but it's supposed to be great on steak also.

Anonymous said...

Those of us trapped here in the States and trying to live vicariously thru blogs appreciate any and every post about life on the Island. I'm coming there in May and believe me....I'm counting the days!!!

Pics are always nice too!