Saturday, February 26, 2011

It's the iPad's Fault

My daughter asked when I will be writing another blog. I told her I didn't know, except 15 minutes later here I am, writing a blog.

Why haven't I been writing? Quite a few reasons, actually - time and frame of mind are the immediate reasons that I can cite. But it may be something much simpler, actually.

I inherited the iPad after my father's death. It is so simple to use. I can get all the emails, read all the forums, research stuff on the web, and play Angry Birds. There are days I never even turn on my laptop, and even when I do I just use it for the applications I have on there. My preferred tech toy is the iPad.

The only thing I don't care for with the iPad is typing. I am a touch typist, and the keyboard on the iPad turns me into a hunt and peck typist. It slows me down and I make lots of errors as my fingers touch the wrong keys on the touch pad. If I have an email reply that will be more than a line or two, I open up the laptop so I can properly type.

So writing a blog using the iPad is a chore. Thus, I'm not writing. It's not my fault, it's the iPad.


drgeo said...

The online catalog by Hammacker Slemmer sells an iPad case that looks like a portfolio and folds out into a keyboard.

jackie said...

I'm with you Sue! If I need to type a long email I also go to my laptop. The problem I have with typing a lot on the iPad is getting the cursor in the right spot to correct a typo. Just the other day I had to move my email from one platform to a new one. The new one is very similiar to Outlook. I have some difficulty opening emails with the touch screen. I did realize that I needed to unblock pop ups and open my email in a new window. Most of my friends that I email often now know if I end the email with "sent from my iPad" that if they find a typo or something strange that is why.

Life's a Beach! said...

You're excused! I-Pad's sound great for browsing. I bought a cheap netbook for traveling because I was tired of hauling around my heavier laptop. And I didn't want to ruin my new laptop since I fried the old one in 2009 by taking it to Mexico. The netbook was slow at first, but a tech guy where Craig works doubled the memory and now it's zippy. I think there's a method to manufacturer's madness. They don't design equipment that's the perfect solution for all functions. If they did, there'd be no need for us to buy more of their products.