Saturday, March 13, 2010


There is a beach party going on many evenings at one of the clubs on Sac Bajo - a boat from Cancun bringing people over for an evening of drinking and partying. The music is loud, the DJ is loud, but the party usually ends at 10 or 11 at the latest. It doesn't really disturb us, but anyone staying in any of the colonias can hear the music and all that is said by the DJ.

The other night as I laid in bed I could hear the DJ droning on and on - seems he just yelled into the microphone for about an hour, and I don't recall hearing any music. At one point I thought I heard a foul word, but decided that couldn't be - they would never say THAT word in public.

But the next night there was no doubt. The DJ once again seemed very demanding of the party-goers - there was no music, just his loud voice yelling at people to do this or that. Perhaps one group wasn't paying attention (WHY would they?), because he singled them out - "What the F&^% are you doing over there?", he yelled into the microphone.

Are you KIDDING me??? EVERYONE in the colonias and Sac Bajo heard that filthy word, spoken in English to a bunch of partyers. Elderly folks, children, families, locals, other tourists - we ALL heard it.

Foul language in public venues is not tolerated here. A few weeks ago we were eating at La Bruja, and a soccer game was on tv. The Mexican broadcaster became overly excited and swore when Mexico missed a goal ("puta madre" - look it up if you want to know what it means) is what he said. He lost his job, and Miguel tells me he was not the first.

The people of this island, many the soft-spoken Maya, are over-run by rude, pushy, disrespectful tourists. The streets are full of golf-cart tourists whooping it up as they race along the streets, often not slowing down for speed-bumps - they think it's funny to slam over them. Hey, it's Mexico! The locals turn the other way and say nothing.

More and more of us foreigners are moving into the colonias - either buying up property or simply renting. The locals accept this different culture and say nothing.

But now we are blasting our disgusting foul language at them and their children. COME ON! I want to plead with the locals to please speak up and stop this! Maybe they don't understand the words or realize that they are vulgar, but for sure their children will repeat them. Heck, the adults might even repeat them - I know Miguel has said some words he doesn't realize are offensive. Words he has heard on tv or in conversation and doesn't really understand the meaning.

Nobody should have to lay in bed at night and listen to this garbage - isn't it enough that we have to hear foul language used in movies? As a foreigner, I'm ashamed that our culture is so disrespectful and thinks it's cool to use foul language in public. It is time for the locals to stop saying nothing and to say SOMETHING. I can only hope they will start to speak up, it's time.


Anonymous said...

"As a foreigner, I'm ashamed that our culture is so disrespectful"
Very well said Sue.

johanna said...

It was around five years ago that my family and I were in two different venues on the island (one beach, one the circus) that were playing loud rap music with really bad language. My 9-year-old grandson was covering his ears and upset. I complained and was told that the people playing the music didn't know what the words were; they just liked the beat. Somehow, this made it okay? I don't think so.

Jane said...

You are right Sue. Although I love music and dancing on Isla, I've always wondered who is attracted to ear-splitting music, and who obeys obscene directions screamed into a too-loud microphone? And I'm always happy when the booze cruizers pull away from Isla and too-loudly return to Cancun.

Anonymous said...

I remember my daughter was surprised when we went by an Isla playground and they were playing Ludicris (sp??) which is a filthy rapper. Yes I think they like the beat. It is a shame visitors have no respect. Well not all but the ones that really put on a show. Thank goodness the boat leaves by 11 but they should be respectful to locals too. Does the place have a website or email? Never know it might help. Dujy

Life's a Beach! said...

I remember being at Playa del Sol several years ago when really foul rap music was being blasted from the Caribbean Queen to all the daytrippers. Basically, it was the F word being repeated over and over. What puzzled me is that their customers weren't a bunch of 20-something gangsters, but mostly older tourists and families. What made them think that music was appropriate?

And it is embarrassing. When we were on Playa Norte last October, a group of women in their 30's from the U.S. were on their girls gone wild trip letting it all hang out topless. And believe me, it wasn't pretty. I watched the beach waiters trying to avert their eyes when they waited on them. I don't know why it bothered me so much, but I bet they don't sit at the swimming pool back home with their kids topless.

Anonymous said...

In Cancun, I'm also often embarrassed by how some of my "paisanos" act... especially on the public buses.

Islagringo said...

ok, first, that shoe fits both feet down here. About being disrespectful and unaware of your nieghbors. That said, I agree with you about the foul language. We had to complain to Sergio last year about the offensive, foul language rap music being played there. Disgusting...and a bit embarrassing. You don't say, but I bet the person yelling into the microphone was a Mexican guide for the cruise. Maybe a letter to that company?? Or at least a visit to the venue being used here. I suspect over by Playa Lancheros.