Monday, September 20, 2010

Clearing out

I am in Canada for another week of sorting through my condo and getting rid of everything nobody else wants or that I can't take back to Mexico.

These last two days have been dedicated to my bookcase - mostly loaded with brand new outdated computer books. Oh, the money I spent on these reference books - in some cases an entire book was purchased for the contents of a few pages. Those were the days when I was into programming and databases, and the internet wasn't yet full of free and easy-to-find tips and hints and how-to's for just about anything you want to know.

I'm talking about thousands of dollars here. Surely something is worth something? So I went on e-bay to look up one book that cost me $80 and is still new, with the cd in the back. Selling on e-bay for just over $1.

Ok, so I'm not going to get rich quick by selling my old computer books. In that case, I will take them to Goodwill and they can decide what they want and what they don't want. I hate to see all those books go, but...if they're no good any more, why hold onto them? It's not like I'm going to be using them again.

My bedroom set is another dilemma. It's a lovely solid wood sleigh bed with two large armoires and a night table. Lots of storage, especially for people with tons of sweaters, like I used to have. With tax that set cost me about $6000 about 8 years ago. And unfortunately, it's too big for my daughter's new home.

The plan is to rent my condo unfurnished, but I'm wondering if anyone would like to rent it with just a bedroom set? I will talk to the property management company to see if that is even a good idea. If not, I guess I'll be listing it on Kujiji. Hopefully for more than $1.

I think Jen will be taking the rest of my furniture, except for my wicker chest - she hates wicker. How I'd love to take that down to Isla, but it would probably be a haven for termites, and it's too big to take on a plane anyway. I still toy with the idea of taking my car down there, but won't decide on anything until after my trip here in November, when baby Kyle is supposed to make his appearance.

I have not been as productive as I'd intended to be this trip. Pure exhaustion, a bout of vertigo, a broken tooth, and other distractions have sapped my energy. I just woke up from a 2.5 hr nap, and could go back for more. The weather is great - warm enough that I don't need a jacket, nice and sunny. I should be using this good weather to load up my car with stuff to take to Goodwill. Maybe tomorrow...right now I should go make supper. Darn all the 'shoulds' in my life!


jeanie said...

Sue, My house is tiny but I would make room for the wicker chest.

Sue said...

Jeanie, that's a nice offer, thanks. I think my sister is going to take it off my hands. At least I'll still get to visit it.