Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pink Skies

I love my bedroom, especially in the morning when I get to lie in bed and look out at the pink sky that signals the rising sun. I don't even have to get up to enjoy it, I just lie there and smell the coffee - literally, because Miguel has 'pushed the button' down in the kitchen. These cooler mornings make the smell of fresh-brewed coffee waft up the stairs just a little stronger. Like the smell of the tortilla factory - cool mornings bring that unique smell and remind me of my childhood when we walked to the skating arena surrounded by the wonderful smell of Shredded Wheat and Shreddies being baked in the Nabisco factory.

Riding on the back seat of the golf cart during sunset gives me an extended view of the pink skies. The other night I got lucky, we drove north when the sun first started to set and I watched it all, and then we drove south after the sun had gone down and the sky was a pink canvas. Had I been in the front seat I would only have had time for a glimpse before it went out of view.

Since Miguel has been doing property management, I sometimes accompany him on his house-checking trip in the early morning. Pink skies over blue seas, fluffy clouds, and gentle waves signal another beautiful day. At times like this I marvel that I am so lucky to live in such a place. I've become a morning person in the sense that I like to get up early, even though I don't necessarily like doing anything once I'm up. Just slowly sipping my coffee and enjoying the fresh air, the beautiful plants, the birds singing, and the other morning noises in the colonia are enough to start the day.


drgeo said...

When I first heard "wake up and smell the coffee"' I thought it was a list of chores, not an expression.

Jane said...

Beautiful post.

KfromMichigan said...

Gee I'm so jealous!

karenwl said...