Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I don't get it

Miguel and I don't smoke. Never did, never will. We also don't use drugs. Never did, never will. People who use drugs, people who sell drugs, and people who smuggle drugs are causing a lot of trouble in our world.

Mexico is getting a lot of press over the problems it is having dealing with the drug issue. President Calderon has his hands more than full trying to control and conquer illegal activites related to drugs.

Although drug smuggling is a world-wide problem, it appears that Mexico's particular problem is mostly due to the fact that the market for illegal drugs is north of its border and Mexico is in the middle of the source and the destination.

Northern border areas of Mexico are being reported as dangerous. There are fears that one area is failing in its fight and will fall to the control of the drug lords. There are fears that Mexico as a country may fail.

When a drug cache is discovered, the amount of drugs (and money) that represents stuns me. And that's only what was found - so that means there is a whole lot more out there that is not uncovered and is sold to drug users. How can there be that much market for something that is so bad for you (and society)? Who has all this cash to pay to use this stuff and why would they want to waste their money on it?

Some explain it by saying that when you tell someone not to do something, they are even that more determined to do it, regardless of whether it's good for them or not. Someone I know feels that people who work really hard need drugs in order to cope with the grind. Someone I know feels that people who serve and have served in the military need drugs to ease their minds of what they have experienced through their service in the military. Someone I know feels that some people have such horrible lives that they need drugs to get them through. (these 'someones' do not use drugs).

I guess I'm a black and white thinker on this. Using drugs is illegal, it's bad for you, and it is causing a lot of trouble. I just don't get why people are interested in taking drugs, or wasting their money on something so worthless. But I don't drink either, so I guess there is some attraction that I just am not understanding.

It feels to me like the chicken and the egg - which comes first? If the demand is not there, there will not be a need for the supply, right? it that if the suppply is not there, the demand won't be there?

I don't know the solution, it's beyond my capability to understand all the dynamics. If people want to do something that hurts only them, have at it. But this problem hurts everyone.

So here I am, watching and hoping that others more capable can get it figured out. Mexico is such a beautiful country and it does not deserve what is happening to it for the sake of drugs.


Life's a Beach! said...

I don't get it either, but I know many of the border towns are downright dangerous now. And Phoenix is the kidnapping capital of the U.S. -- and that's related to the drug/human smuggling from Mexico to here. I think it's all about power, greed, and desperation -- on both sides of the border.

I know it's the big topic on blogs and message boards now as to the U.S. media exaggerating the problem. The media's just reporting what's happening. Some people are also blaming the media for the current U.S. economic crisis -- like it's not real.

I hope Mexico and the U.S. can get a handle on it. Mexico's a beautiful country. It's so frightening and sad that drug thugs can wreak that kind of havoc.

Bennie said...

I hate that things are so dangerous on the border right now. I know a lot of people that live along that border and I know this is a big impact for them.

I'm with you Sue, I think the drug laws should be enforced on the users and if the demand was not there then the issue would not be as bad. It needs to be addressed from both sides.

I feel for these folks on the border.

Islagringo said...

Amen. Although I don't think it will ever happen, I think drugs need to be legalized and sold in stores like a drugstore. (no pun intended) Look what happened to organized crime when Prohibition was repealed. Take away the need to smuggle and there are no more smugglers or the tons of money that it generates.

Anonymous said...

I think it is a chicken vs the egg thing, Sue...certainly if there wasn't a demand there wouldn't be a black market for it...I do not understand, either, the need to anesthetize oneself with drugs legal or illegal....I do occasionally have a drink of some alcoholic spirits, but only one and its rare (and it has to be tasty!)

Its not just Mexico, but I think the war between the cartel factions is the big issue there - who is going to get to control the flow...I hear that they are sending farmers into Afghanistan to convince them to grow wheat instead of poppies....fat chance! I think they see it as a chance to make easy money and to corrupt the minds and souls of Westerners!