Sunday, March 1, 2009

Windy or What?

Wow - I haven't heard howling like this in the house since the last hurricane (Wilma, 2005).

This morning started out lovely, and I couldn't resist taking my book into the hammock on the front terrace. Naturally, the reading didn't last long and I curled up with a couple of pillows and tried to take a nap.

I noticed the wind sounded noisy, yet it was hardly stirring anything at the front of the house. That means the wind was coming from behind the house - a Norte. I gave up on the nap and went inside. The laundry on the back line was dancing wildly. The cats were out there too and scurried in when I opened the door. The wind had a bite!

We went out later in the afternoon and I was glad to have my windbreaker on because I was freezing. We drove along the coast and the sand was whipping into our eyes too. I felt sorry for the tourists - we passed some people on golf carts and a few were wrapped in towels and blankets. I was wishing I had my blanket; the temperature is 15C/60F and with the wind factor, it probably feels about 10 degrees colder.

Only good thing about this - the laundry dried quickly. When I went out to take in the last of the laundry, both Minina and Maya followed me out and they had a great time chasing the leaves around the terrace. In fact, Maya was having such a great time she didn't want to come in; I had to pick her up and bring her in.

Tonight we'll sleep in the bedroom downstairs as it will be quieter. With the door closed to keep out the animals and to drown out the howling, the room is like a little cave. Cozy and warm. A hot bath might feel great too - with lots of bubbles and a book. I think I'll do that right now!


Bennie said...

I know the sounds of that wind upstairs there. We had that when Stefan and I visited in the summer. I can understand your going downstairs to hunker down. I at least had a warm breeze.

Be glad your not up in the states or Canada this week. It was raining here, snowing in Charlotte and Atlanta. Should be a fun travel day.

Life's a Beach! said...

Fleece! Sounds like a big Norte! I read a post from another blogger who was battening down the hatches!

IslaZina said...

This norte had a perfect adjective. f'ing frio!

Islagringo said...

It was like somebody dropped a wall of cold on us! When it gets like yesterday, I hate living in front of the water. There is no way to keep the cold and wind out. Even the tile floors become icy. Where is my Mexican weather!