Saturday, November 14, 2009

Who's cold around here?

The temperatures are much cooler than they were two weeks ago. Finally a relief from the oppressive heat we endured for quite a few months.

In fact, once the sun goes down I feel chilly. When we go out on the golf cart for a little drive, I put on my jacket and take along a small blanket to throw over my bare legs. Miguel? He goes out in his t-shirt, and claims he doesn't feel the cold.

However, everything gets reversed when we go to bed. I like to sleep with the breeze coming in through the doors and windows, and depending on the temperatures, I also like to use the ceiling fan (on low speed). Miguel likes everything closed up, he gets cold during the night.

So our bed looks like this:

My half is me, lying on top of the sheets, with little or no clothing.
Miguel's half is him, wearing a t-shirt, sleeping shorts, and wrapped in a fleece blanket.

When I was in Canada last week I bought a couple of nice soft fleece robes at Costco. Pierre Cardin, a very pretty blue color. Bought for our B&B guests to enjoy; I packed one on this trip and will bring the other one on my next trip.

I didn't even show the robe to Miguel. The robe was at the bottom of a pile of my own clothing that I'd unpacked, laying on the chair up in the bedroom.

Last night was quite chilly so the doors were closed, and the fan was off. With just one window open, there was no breeze but at least the room didn't feel stuffy.

I read in bed while Miguel took his bath. When he came out of the bathroom, he was wrapped in the new robe and a huge grin. Somehow he'd spotted that robe under the pile of clothes, and decided it was for him. I casually mentioned that the robe was for guests, but he had no intention of giving it up, so I let him keep it. I'll pick up another one when I'm there in a few weeks (or maybe they'll have them at Costco here in Cancun).

He slept in the robe all night.

What I want to know is this: he can't find his keys, or his glasses, or his tools, yet he can find something that he wasn't even supposed to know we had. How did he do that?


Life's a Beach! said...

LOL! I know one thing. Craig would never have found it! He avoids touching piles of clothing for fear he'd be expected to do something with them! It's really cool at night here now. This morning, the temp in the house is 71 degrees!

Anonymous said...

C'mon guys.... dont give it up!!! Sue will tell all the females are tricks... wink

Anonymous said...

i meant "our"

Vee said...

Men like robes, is all I can say. I bought one for Tim our first Christmas. Now I just look for another every couple of years. Must make them feel like kings.

Bennie said...

Too funny. I'm with you I am on top of the sheets with the fan running. It didn't used to be that way but as I've aged the furnace has come on.

Oh and you meant for him to have that robe. If not you would have hidden it better.

Sue said...

Beck - it's great sleeping weather!

Carl - you bet I will!

Vee - funny thing is, of our guests here, the only ones I've ever seen use the robes are the women. Maybe the guys do it behind closed doors.

Bennie - no, I didn't mean for him to have it. It was buried under a pile of clothes that he would never move in a million years. Just the belt was hanging out a bit and he spotted it. Don't take his side on this! :-)