Monday, November 16, 2009

Why I'm glad I'm not bald

I have a big lump on the back of my head. It's my fridge's fault. I was stooping down to get some fruit out of the bottom drawer, and when I stood up, I whacked the back of my head on the corner of the freezer handle. Wow - that hurt. I actually cried!

And I wanted to beat the fridge. It has whacked me before, and I'm tired of it.

The golf cart hits me now and then too, especially if I go to step into it off a curb. Whack, right in the front of my head, where my bangs sprout from. Sometimes I see stars.

And that's not all, the golf cart is so rude it attacks our guests too. Several have felt the pain as they tried to raise themselves up onto the back seat. We always warn them (well, sometimes we warn them AFTER they've been whacked).

I used to have a cupboard in my laundry room, right over my washing machine. I hit my head so often on the corner of that cupboard that I had Miguel install a thick strip of weather stripping all around the edge. At least when I got hit after that, there was plenty of padding and it didn't draw blood.

I think I'm lucky to have a full head of hair. The hair serves as a cushion when I get hit. With all the blows I've taken to the head, imagine how my scalp would look if I were bald?


IslaZina said...

We're getting older now. At risk of subdural hematoma! Careful out there. I thunked my head coming up from the kitchen counter the other day. Still hurts; I think there's a dent there.

Life's a Beach! said...

I whack my head a lot, but I stub my toes more! My little toes are absolutely deformed!

Vee said...

I'm with Beck - more of a toe-stubber than a head-banger. Sue, I must say that I am enjoying your retirement, too, b/c you've been posting more often. I always enjoy your blog.

jeanie said...

I'm a headbanger. Frank wants me to wear a crash helmet.

Bennie said...

That darn Fridge and Golf Cart. I bet they are ganging up on you. I bet they just sit back and plan these attacks on you.

Oh and I'm with Beck.. I'm more of the toe stubber. I tend to trip on my own darn feet. I've even stubbed my toes on flat ground (no steps, no curbs, no excuses).

Sue said...

Well, I didn't tell you all that I am also a toe-stubber, and a tripper, and someone who walks into things. I broke my big toe jamming it into the couch. Nice to know I'm in good company here with the rest of you though. And Jeanie - too funny on the crash helmet!