Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Beach

On Sunday we watched our guests head out to the beach, and the smell of sunscreen as well as the knowledge that my neighbor was going to disturb the peace once again, made me decide that we would not sit here and suffer, we would go to the beach. It helped that the humidity was 1000% (ok, I know that's not possible, but it seemed that way). I needed to immerse my body in the sea.

So we jumped on the golf cart and headed over to the little cove across from the Avalon hotel. I love this little swimming hole because it is not over my head, but is deep enough that I can dip and float and swim. I enjoy the sight of the waves crashing over the rock barrier to the east - a mix of wild sea and the calm pool.

There were not many people when we arrived at midday - and I was the only non-Mexican. Although there are lounges on this part of the beach, I am not sure if they are just for hotel guests. We looked for a place to lay our towels, and unfortunately, there is no shade on that beach so we were forced to lay in the sun. Next time I will take a beach umbrella and hope the wind is calm enough to actually use it.

I didn't waste any time getting in the water. This was my first time in the water in more than a year, maybe a couple of years. Although my body was hot, the water felt a little cool until I finally got in and started floating around. As I floated there I gazed around at the beauty, and kicked myself for not taking the time to enjoy this more often.

Later Miguel went in, and he enjoyed it as much as I had. His comments reflected my thoughts - we live here, it's free, and we don't take the time to enjoy it. I think we are going to change that as of now. Much as we like hanging around home, there is something about getting away from everything for an hour or so that relaxes the mind and clears thoughts.

We laid on our towels after a dip, but within 15 minutes we were baking again, so we took one more dip before packing up and heading home, all refreshed.

Well, we were refreshed until we had to pull the golf cart out of the hole in the sand. We had a flat back tire that spun itself into the sand, and it took both of us to push and pull to get out. By then we were sweating again, but the ride home gave us plenty of breezes to cool us off.

Since it was mid-afternoon, we decided to pick up a BBQ chicken at the Kash chicken place near the navy hospital. It has been several years since we bought that chicken, and it was another eye-opener because the chicken was great - a good size, well-cooked, and delicious. I also got the BBQ onion - those sweet white onions we have here - and we split that along with the rice, tortillas, and slaw. Yum!


KfromMichigan said...

A great place to clear the mind .. the BEACH! Take advantage of such a wonderful place.

Life's a Beach! said...

Can't wait to get there! There's something so relaxing about floating in water and looking up at the sky.

When we lived in Seattle, we got a little immune to the beauty around us. I remember taking a final trip to Port Townsend when our house was on the market and regretting we hadn't done it more often. We may head to Sedona over Memorial Day weekend and enjoy some of that Arizona beauty! (Michael gave me a couple of free Hilton nights for Mother's Day.)

Ann said...

Sounds like you had a nice day despite the flat tire--chicken sounds delicious! I love that little cove--the loungers there are for NaBalam guests, but non guests can rent them--I usually just spread my towel on the sand!

Islagringo said...

I know what you mean. I just got back from Tulum and spending an entire day lazily on the beach. I was thinking "Why don't I do this more often on my own beach at home?"

I love chicken and Poc Chuc from that place. The salsa is excellent.

nina said...

I think Ed and I need to plan a return trip. Your post just brought it all back for me. Golf cart and all.

Sue said...

K - I intend to!

Beck - you have to try that little bay, it's a great spot to float and look up at the sky.

Ann - I mean the cove to the right of the bridge, in front of Villa Kin. I like the cove in front of NaBalam too, but they have tables and palapas now, and I have heard that they shoo you away if you don't rent from them. I might have to test it out though...

Wayne - I know, we need to enjoy what we have right here in front of us.

Nina - we await your return! We have a new cat for Ed to meet - Cappuchina.