Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Is anyone wondering if Cappuchina has made it inside yet? Well, wonder no longer, the answer is "YES"! It started when Jen and Kaitlyn were here during March break - they snuck her in and sat with her on the bench. That was when I was still hoping we'd find her real owners, which quickly became clear that WE were going to be her real owners.

Miguel went to Oaxaca a few weeks ago, and while he was gone, I started letting Cappuchina in when all the other cats were out on the back terrace. And while I was in Norway, Miguel started letting her in with him.

Cappuchina has learned how to open the door and let herself in if we forget to hook the latch. She proved that she can be trusted, she uses the litterbox. I think she just wants company, and would probably love another cat to play with...Smokey is probably the best candidate as she doesn't get all worked up about Cappuchina being on the other side of the screen door like the other cats do. In good time, the cats will all tolerate each other - occasional snits can be expected, but I think harmony will prevail.
Miguel went to Oaxaca for 12 days and came back with some great pictures of life there at the base of Mont Alban. I need to spend some time going through the pictures and have him put some words together to explain what the pictures are about. I look forward to the day when I can visit Oaxaca in person (although he already knows I need hot water, electricity, internet, and a bathroom in the same building as the rest of the house, so it may be a while). A tub would be nice too...
I went to Norway for a week to visit my dad and step-mother. This was a personal visit, no pictures to share but maybe a story or two. It certainly was different traveling such a long distance all alone. I was lucky that the volcanic ash did not interfere with my flights.
The weather here jumped from unseasonably cool to very hot. Tonight there is a strong warm breeze cooling things off. It may rain too, but I guess that will be ok, I don't think it has rained for several weeks.
Our hearts are hurting over this oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. For the pollution of the waters. For the harm to the environment. For the tragic loss of wildlife. And for the human suffering from loss of a means to make a living. I hate to see the pictures, it is sickening. I feel so helpless.
Costs are rising on everything here, but somehow we managed to cut $2000 pesos off the electric bill from the previous billing period. We did this by not having any guests during the month of April, by turning off the water pressure pump, and by turning off the hot water heater except for when we plan to bathe. And by trying to control the lights and other uses of electricity. To some degree I resent having to think so frugally, it doesn't seem right to have to think about every single light bulb that is burning. But maybe that's exactly how we should start living - respecting this earth's natural resources and quit wasting stuff. I wonder about our dependency on oil and electricity, and can't understand why we are so slow to move to cars that run on air. Actually, my mind is full of thoughts far removed from life here in Mexico - and I am going to start another blog dedicated to those things that are on and in my mind. I have not decided if I will make it public yet. But I will write, I need to.


Dorgon said...

So glad to read that Cappuchina has become one of the "in crowd".

We share your sadness and disgust about the Gulf disaster. Can hardly stand to see the news reports about it.

IslaZina said...

A separate blog may indeed be in order. You could make it subscription I think. As for the electricity, my house bill was lower. I think putting up $500 of aluminum gates gave me peace of mind to turn the outside lights off at night at that has helped. And of course, turning off the water heaters...now off for the season in the main house and the renters don't want it either because of the black tinaco. Welcome home!

KfromMichigan said...

Welcome back! Missed ya'

Sue said...

Doris - I knew you would be happy about Cappuchina. She really is an adoring cat, when are you coming back to cuddle her?

Z - glad you saved on the electricity too. I can't go just with the water from the black tank, maybe because I'm a bathtub babe and I like the water pretty hot for that.

K - thanks!