Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Profound thought for the day

As I sit here smacking at couch mosquitoes lurking around after the rain, I'm struck by this thought:

Maybe mosquito bites are itchy to make you scratch, and when you scratch, you scratch out the bad things the mosquito planted inside you. Because - think about it, if you were in the process of sucking a meal out of someone, would you alert them to the fact by making them smack right where you were sucking? Possibly killing you? The mosquito can't be that dumb, so there must be another explanation, and I think mine makes sense - nature put the itch there, the mosquito knows nothing about it, and if you scratch right away all the baddies will be destroyed.

Aren't you glad you read my blog today?


Anonymous said...

So funny, think the heat is getting to you? lol

Jackie said...

Ha ha! That was funny.

Life's a Beach! said...

My legs got eaten up at La Bruja both nights we were there. Maybe I was scratching the witch out of me? : )

drgeo said...

Dropped a pastry on the floor ? Where's the 5 second rule?

Sue said...

Dujy - I might blame the heat except it's not hot.

Jackie - glad you enjoyed.

Beck - I know, under the table during this weather is a hiding spot, you must use repellent (says me, who never remembers repellent).

drgeo - no 5 second rule with 5 cats and a dog running around...nasty germs on their feet. Besides, I didn't know about it until minutes later, by then Minina was enjoying it.