Sunday, July 4, 2010

What's that sound?

It's Peace and Quiet!

Yesterday and today have been odd. It's too quiet! For weeks on end we've been blasted by loudspeakers, horns, chanting, parades, music - all in the name of campaigning.

Today they voted. I am surprised that the campaigning didn't carry on until late last night. Miguel says they aren't allowed, which explains the quietness in the streets. They also aren't allowed to sell alcohol this weekend.

Since I can't vote, I didn't get caught up in the excitement anyway. But I did learn a couple of new songs - songs that actually belong to the World Cup Soccer but were adapted for one of the political parties. I am going to miss hearing this...

But I'm practicing the 'waka waka' dance in case I get stopped on the street and asked to participate in their video to raise money for education. So far only 1 person on Isla Mujeres is going to the meet-up. Anyone want to come along?

"This Time for Africa".


Life's a Beach! said...

The sound of the vote was a little noisy over here last night. HA! I think I heard drums or something late last night? Love the song!

Sue said...

Yes, it was drums, part of the parading they did for the weeks leading up to the vote too.