Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sink Hole

I'm sure that, like my daughter, you are tired of checking my blog for something new and seeing the same old squid story. So I decided to write something just to let you know I have some great stories, but they are in my head, not my heart. When they reach my heart, I'll be forced to take the time to write. In the meantime, we're just living life day by day. lots going on but having a hard time focusing.

Oh - one little piece of news: our winner for the two free nights at Capi's Apartment was announced yesterday. Here's the blurb from my Facebook post, for those who are not on Facebook:

We have a winner! We had 47 entries, many of which were recipes, and of those, many were recipes for alcoholic beverages. Good thing all our units include blenders, we can see they will be put to good use!

We had: entries from past guests, entries from people who have never been to Isla Mujeres, and entries from people... who have never stayed in the colonias. I wish you all could have won, it was a fun event for us, and we will definitely do it again.

And now...the winner...Heather Krey for her tip on bringing an MP3 or Ipod player to hook up to the speakers at Dentro del Jardin B&B. Heather had 4 submissions out of 47 - an 8% chance of winning. Congratulations, Heather!!

Heather and Jeff stayed in our B&B for a week last December. This was Heather's first email contact: " My husband and I are taking our 1st trip to Isla Mujeres and want it to be perfect! We want to become part of the island's culture while we are there, and also take advantage of the vacationy things such as the beach and snorkeling."

I remember replying to Heather that we couldn't promise 'perfect', but that we'd do our best to help them have the best vacation possible. Truthfully, I was a little worried, because 'perfect' is so hard to guarantee. And yes, the umbrella did blow over and land in her lap, knocking her cup of coffee all over her white shorts. But it all came out in the wash, and she was unharmed. So it was 'nearly' perfect.

Heather and Jeff are animal lovers, and they gave lots of affection to our menagerie during their week with us. Another email from Heather before booking: " I was especially happy to see that there are resident pets. We also have pets and would be an added touch."

Near the end of their stay Miguel and I were busy trying to get the studio apartment (Luna Studio)
ready earlier than planned to accommodate a guest, and they kindly came
over and gave a lending hand, especially with the curtains (Jeff is so
tall he didn't need a ladder). So Heather already knows what the studio apartment looks like, and I can't wait for them to come down and claim their prize.

Thanks again to everyone for participating. We do have a special prize for Cindy, who submitted the most entries (9). Cindy, you are invited to join us for breakfast at Dentro del Jardin the next time you are here - thank you for your contributions..

Everyone - look for another raffle in the coming months. And please keep on submitting your tips and ideas to the group, they are great!


Island Nana said...

So happy to hear from you again Sue. I HAD been checking daily for a new entry from you. Your last twitter post sounded like you were dealing with something disappointing ("tired of playing by the rules.."). Funny how we can be concerned for someone we have met only in cyberspace, but I was worried.

drgeo said...

ditto nana.