Thursday, September 30, 2010

BAD Blogger!

That's me...the bad one.

Life has just thrown a lot of stuff my way over the last couple of months, and I haven't had the energy or the motivation to write. At the start of the day I'm catching up with everyone else's blogs and forums, and then the day starts for real and the next time I sit down it's evening and I'm tired.

My dad's health issues are a major concern for us, and he's so far away. I will be making another trip to Norway in a couple of weeks - found a flight on Martinair that means just two flight segments instead of three, although it's still the same number of hours for travel (8 hr layover in Amsterdam on the way over - will find one of those reclining lounges and just rest while I wait for the next flight). The best part was the price - cheaper to fly from Cancun than any airline flies from Canada, and was only $89 each way to upgrade to 'comfort' class, which is something I really need with my sore feet and back. More wiggle room...and on a 9-10 hr flight, I do a lot of wiggling.

After Norway I will have 2 days at home to get both suites ready for 4 female friends arriving at the end of October. Can't do the final makeup until just before they arrive, but can organize everything so it shouldn't take too long to get the rooms ready, since I'll just have a few hours after getting back from Canada.

Yup, I'm going back to Canada in October. Found a frequent flier ticket on American airlines that only uses 25000 points - yeah! I am trying to get my condo ready to rent, hopefully by Dec 1 (moving target). Jen and Miko hope to be moved out in 3 weeks so I will just have my own stuff to figure out.

My flight to Canada leaves Cancun at 6:20 in the morning, which means I have to spend the night before in Cancun. The Marriott Courtyard near the Cancun airport had availability for award nights, so I'll be staying there - for free. Lately I've been staying at the Hilton Garden Inn at the Buffalo airport on my way back to Cancun - also for free. Gotta love all those points I accumulated during my years of work travel - sure coming in handy now.

Miguel's October trip to Oaxaca was canceled thanks to the bankruptcy of Mexicana airlines, but to be honest, it's probably for the best right now - he doesn't really have the time to go, and it's hurricane season - Oaxaca is a long way away if one wants to get back quickly - by bus. Airfare on Aeromexico is about $200 more, and money is very tight - so he says he'll go by bus whenever he goes. We'll see about that - I hate to see him spend 30 hrs on a bus, and I worry a little about safety driving through the mountains. But I know he is worried about his 100-year-old grandfather, so wants to get back there sooner rather than later.

Jen and Miko's baby is due near the end of November, so I have another free ticket to hopefully be there for the birth. It's her first baby and I'm sure my experience as both a mother and a paediatric nurse will come in handy. She has painted my guest bedroom a pretty wedgewood blue - my favorite color, and I can't wait to stay in there.

On the move...My sister is also moving in October - back to Niagara Falls. My niece is in the Niagara region attending university. Suddenly Niagara Falls is the hub of family once again. My dad is moving into nursing care facilities in Norway. The only immediate family not on the move is my brother...someone needs to have stability!

So health issues, money issues, life issues...all makes for boring blogs on my part. Rest assured that our furry family is providing entertainment with their antics...thank goodness for them, they make us laugh and forget our worries for a while.


Jane said...

You can only do so much, Superwoman!

Senor Senior Citizen said...

Don't forget your cape!!!!!

KfromMichigan said...

You better keep that suitcase packed and ready to go!

Life's a Beach! said...

Sue, you're never boring! Better start taking your vitamins because all that travel is a lot of wear and tear on the body. Gotta be in tip top shape when that grandbaby arrives! Hope life gets less hectic soon. Those points do come in handy. Our points are on empty since Craig no longer travels like he did, but thank God for Michael. He supplies me with free Hilton rooms when I need to be somewhere!
(Like Chicago!)

Moongrl722 said...

Wow, you do have a lot of traveling coming up! Take lots of pics. Sorry about your Dad...that's hard. :(

IslaZina said...

First things first. You are right on track.

drgeo said...

The contestants on The Amazing Race have nothing on you! When the first grandbaby arrives, will you employ your points to get a nap? You do get brownie points for raising a good daughter, don't you?

Linda said...

I wish you safe travels!!!

Isla Chica