Sunday, October 24, 2010

Baby Shower

I was only on Isla for two days between Norway and Canada. Not enough time to make it worthwhile to shop for groceries for dinners. So, what did we do? We did what we often do when we're hungry and there's nothing to eat in the house - we went to La Bruja.

As has been the case many days during this very low of low seasons, we were the only ones there on Wednesday. Dona Mari and the two waitresses were seated at one of the bigger tables making something with beads. Each of them took turns being our waitress, including Dona Mari.

When it was time to leave Miguel told them that I was off again to Canada. So I chimed in, wanting to tell them that I was going back for Jen's baby shower. Only I didn't know how to say baby shower in Spanish, so it went something like this...

"Voy a Canada por ver a mi hija, ella es embarazada. Vamos hacer una fiesta por su nino, con regalos". (I'm going to Canada to see my daughter, she's pregnant. We going to have a party for her baby, with gifts).

"Oh", replied Dona Mari. "Baby Shower". In perfect English, even though Dona Mari doesn't speak English. Since there is no Spanish equivalent for "baby shower", they have adopted our words, and they say it perfectly. "Baby Shower" - so simple.

On Thursday we were running errands, taking a nap, and keeping an eye on Tropical Storm Richard, which at the time looked like it was going to be a hurricane right at us. We decided to eat again at La Bruja, so after Miguel made his rounds of his houses, he headed down the east side towards the street where we turn to go to La Bruja.

Except he kept going. I asked where he was going, and he was going to do a tour of the south end of the island. It was sunset, so it was beautiful despite the chill from the north winds. When we got to the west side, where we turn to go to La Bruja, he kept going. By then he'd forgotten we hadn't yet eaten and was heading home.

Finally we pulled up to La Bruja and the iron door was closed. Yup, it was Thursday, the day where they take the later part of the day off. But the family was all seated inside, relaxing and enjoying visiting with each other. They called out, "Come!".

They opened up for us, and took our order. As we waited for our food, another couple came along. And then a golf cart loaded with about 8 people pulled up. La Bruja and the family were not going to get their day of rest after all, but they were happy. This has been a very tough year for everyone, and the business was most welcome. All the family headed to the kitchen to help with the food preparation, and the son became the waiter. A real family-run Mexican diner.
Now I'm in Canada and today I'm going to Jen's baby shower. It's just the females on my side of the family - so rather small, about 7 of us. I spent yesterday afternoon buying baby stuff, and later Jen and I went to Babies R Us to pick up some larger items from her wish list.

Like this Lamb swing/cradle:

Notice the little lamb ears up on the head cushion. Can't wait to see baby Kyle in his swing.

This morning I'm off to buy food for the shower. I've eaten my breakfast - finished off a bag of cheesies that I started yesterday. Again - no food in the house. Where's La Bruja when I need it?


Life's a Beach! said...

Time's speeding by! I'd forgotten Jen was due soon! Hope the baby shower (love that Dona Mari knew the word in English) is wonderful!

drgeo said...

Only one breakfast for you today? I thought Norwegians always ate 4 . The dietary laws of Canada must be strict!

I hope Kyle doesn't grow up to be sheepish! Have you seen the cartoons featuring Shawn the Sheep? They are available on You Tube. Shawn was a bit player in Wallace & Gromit's The Wrong Trousers movie, then Shawn got his own show. Much better than purple dinosaurs!

Jackie said...

That swing is so cute. Have fun at the baby shower.

Baby Games said...

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