Saturday, October 23, 2010

A little tired

On Tuesday we got up at 3 am, ate some toast, and left the condo in Norway at 4 am (Norway time - 7 hrs ahead of Isla time) - our pre-arranged taxi was even a few minutes early.

I had told my brother and sister about the delicious apple danish they have at the Trondheim airport. My brother was connecting through Oslo so we went our separate ways after the security check. "Remember the strudel", I called after him.

My sister and I made our way to the KLM side of the airport - on our way to our Amsterdam connection. I bought the apple strudel, danish...whatever...and cut a piece for my sister. It was just as delicious as always and I enjoyed every last crumb. I found out later that my brother didn't find the danish - they claimed not to know anything about it over on his side of the airport. Poor thing - doesn't know what he missed.

On the flight to Amsterdam, KLM gave us rolls with cheese. Breakfast # 3 -the least favorite. But no worries, because I was already planning breakfast #4 - the Quiche Lorraine at the cafe near the Yotel Hotel on the second level at the Amsterdam airport. On our way through Amsterdam, on the way to Norway, I ate one of those quiches, and it was probably the best quiche in my life. Breakfast # 4 did not disappoint, it was great.

We called my dad while I was eating the quiche, and he asked me how many breakfasts I'd eaten. I confessed to having eaten 4 breakfasts in the space of 6 hours, although they were all small, if that matters. I would not eat again until they served me on the next flight, which would not be until about 3 pm Norway time.

I got lucky again on the flight home and had two seats to myself, allowing me to pull up my legs and get my feet off the floor and reduce the swelling. I can't say I was really comfortable but it was better than only having one seat, and I was able to doze off now and then. I also watched a forgettable movie on my personal entertainment system that was included with my comfort class ticket - the movie helped the last hours of the 11 hour flight go by a little faster.

I arrived on Isla around 8 pm. Two busy days sorting things out at the house and on Thursday evening I took the ferry back to Cancun to spend the night at the Marriott Courtyard, courtesy of my Marriott points. My flight out to Canada the next day was at 6:30 am. Luis, our Cancun taxi driver picked me up at the ferry, took me to the hotel, and kept my big suitcase in his trunk so I wouldn't have to lug it up to my room. At 4 am the next morning he was at the hotel to take me to the airport. Having a taxi driver like Luis, especially when traveling alone at night, makes things so much more relaxed.

I arrived in Toronto at 3 pm yesterday, and was picked up by my St Catharines taxi driver Armando. We took the toll road to avoid the rush hour traffic, and I was at the condo by 4:30 pm. A quick greeting to Jen before I left to hit the bank and the grocery store, back at the condo to eat dinner with Jen (all prepared food bought at the grocery store - pretty darn good too!), and then I crashed on the couch.

It was just supposed to be a nap, but it turned into an all-night marathon of sleep. I guess I needed it.


Life's a Beach! said...

Sue, you're a better woman than I am! I do not think I could do that marathon of travel. I'd forgotten you had the two back to back trips. Rest up!

Jackie said...

You pooped me out just reading about the long travel days.

Ann said...

Made me tired just reading the story. glad you got to sleep for awhile! I hope you are able to accomplish everything you want to while in Canada!