Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Long overdue

For the last month or so many of you have been kind enough to write comments, and I really appreciate that. All the comments about my dad's illness and death were so thoughtful. I haven't written much in the way of a blog, or a tweet, or an email, or Facebook, and I haven't written comments even though I've pretty much kept up with the social media - just didn't have the energy or much to say.

So for those of you who wrote comments, who sent emails, and who posted on Facebook, please know that I read it all and drew comfort from the words. Thank you for taking the time to write, and for being there to offer support. Thank you for not giving up on this blog. Thank you All.



Jonna said...

Of course we are not giving up on your blog. We are all here, waiting for you to feel like sharing. It's been a tough few months, hang in there.

Jackie said...

Taking a break from blogging was needed. You had a lot going on.Take care of Sue!

Jane :-) said...

You've had many more important things to take care of, and I think everyone who reads your blog understands that. I enjoy your writing, mostly because it comes from your heart. Take care.

drgeo said...

And how are the cats doing?

Linda said...

I hope you're both doing well (furkids too!).

Isla Chica