Monday, November 15, 2010

Simply Exhausted

Life finally demanded payback. 'You can't keep that pace forever', it said. Apparently both Miguel and I hit the critical level at the same time, because both of us are simply wiped out.

Two trips to Europe in the same month, with a 7-hr time difference as well as a daylight savings time clock correction. Trips to Canada and back. Tons of worry and concern about my father, followed by sadness and support for those left behind. Anticipation of an upcoming baby boy. Financial difficulties, health concerns, and the question of whether to rent or sell my condo. Worry about how Miguel was coping without me, as well as our furry family.

On Miguel's part, he had three potential hurricanes during the month I was gone; one required boarding up of the houses he manages. He never got a chance to board up our own homes, thankfully it wasn't necessary in the end. Three house guests, meaning daily breakfasts and cleaning and oversight to keep the animals out of their way. He mostly succeeded, although Luna decided to show everyone what a great hunter she is and left a treasure out on the terrace for the guests one morning. I got a message from Miguel after that one - 'what a terrible day!' - I was relieved it was just a dead member of the rodent family rather than something really tragic.

We both coped, but are glad to be back to our normal routine for a few days. Our days are full right now, and it's all we can do to stay awake past 6 pm. In fact, the last two nights we crashed very early, and today we even took a nap after breakfast.

A trip to Canada later this week, and high season just around the corner means we need to take the respite while we can. I woke up long enough to feed the dogs and write this blurb, but now it's time for bed. Again. Sweet dreams.


Ann said...

hope you can have a little breather soon. Just keep taking care of yourself & Miguel.

Jackie said...

I’ve told you that you are the hardest worker and one of the busiest people that I know. Take care of yourself and tell Miguel to do the same. Hope to see you both next month.

drgeo said...

How thoughtful of Luna to remind you both to eat plenty of protein!

Senor Senior Citizen said...

Saw you and Miguel on the golf cart the other day and thought you both looked a little tired!! Hope everything returns to what ever normal is for both of you.

Life's a Beach! said...

Sue, I can't even imagine how tired you are! Rest up and get ready for that new grandbaby!

Moongrl722 said...

You deserve to be exhausted!!!! Listen to your body and get lots of sleep. Take some Vitamins and eat right. Spoil yourself until you feel rested.

Linda said...

I really do understand your pain!

Isla Chica