Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hurricane Rina


Yup, so we are in the midst of hurricane prep. With eight properties to worry about, it's been a busy day and tomorrow promises more of the same, only with worse weather (high winds and blowing rain). For anyone who has never seen hurricane prep on tv, it's hard to understand how difficult it is once the rain and winds come. Can't use power tools outside, and handling big sheets of plywood with the wind is rather a pain. Now that Miguel is a property manager, we will be forced to go out on the golf cart and check on the houses. We will be getting wet, and so will the floors inside the house and all the other houses. Leaves will plug the drains, we'll need to stick a broom handle in them as we can to keep the water from backing up.

The day started with a flat tire - not what we needed when being on the road is critical. So I got that fixed while Miguel was tending to one of the homes. I also went to the bank and picked up cat food and a few other supplies for us. Filled up the golf cart with gas, and took the little red tank to be filled too. I added credit to all our cell phones and charged the two that were in the house. I have not done anything to prepare the house here, will do that tomorrow, and hopefully, if needed, Miguel will get our boards up, at least on the upstairs patio doors. 

But the good news? They are not going to cut the electricity the way they always have in the past. So we may still have light, tv, and internet during the storm - a first for us, and maybe being boarded up once the curfew hits won't be so bad. Will keep you posted via Facebook, as we are able.

Off to bed, with wishes that this storm turns out of our path. We'll know more tomorrow. Night!


Life's a Beach! said...

Hope the storm turns, fizzles, or does something other than hit Isla! Fingers and toes crossed! Take care!

Jonna said...

Great news about the electricity, is that everywhere or just Isla? i saw on the local news tonight that the ley seca is in force (no booze is sold when a hurricane approaches) and schools were closed but I didn't see anything about the electric.

Buena suerte, I hope she just grazes you.

Sue said...

Thanks, Beck.

Jonna - I don't know what they are doing about electricity elsewhere, this information came from meetings at the local municipality. I hope it works out - everyone is so used to having the power cut and not having to worry about what they touch that might be plugged in. Need to rethink that and disconnect some things where I know the water will collect on the floor - i.e., the washing machine and the small fridge upstairs, to start. Good luck with your home in Akumal, I would like to know how those hurricane curtains work for you.

karenwl said...

Interesting that what seems to be a plus - having the electricity left on - presents it's own problems.

drgeo said...

Glad to find you up and blogging again! Hooray! Even though Rina has been downgraded, 85 mph winds are still scarey. Tell the kitties to batten their hatches.

The iPad has 2 manufacturers that combine a cover with a Bluetooth keyboard.... I think I spotted one on Brookstone and the other on Logitech. Haven't touched either with my fingers yet though.

KfromMichigan said...

Take care and be sure the furry friends are all inside!

Randy said...

Hi Sue...I hope you are doing ok with the weather. I got a little chuckle out of this posting because it sounded like you were getting the cat food from the bank. It must be like gold down there. Take care of yourself....Love, Randy