Sunday, October 23, 2011

Kyle, the amazing kid

What are little boys made of? Frogs and snails and puppy dog's tails. My grandson Kyle is just a happy, smiling, laughing baby most of the time. And he likes turnip!

Kyle is not yet one year old but he is a little boy. Who wouldn't buy a pumpkin from this kid?

Look, it has a handle

and maybe there's something under here?

He is a busy guy when he's up

 Last week he started walking

But like his mom, he is a sleeper and loves his naps, once he gets past the crying to protest it all

I will not see him again for another couple of months, I wonder what he'll be up to by then?


Ann said...

Great photos, Sue! I love the one of him peeking around the cupboard! I hope you & your daughter Skype alot!

jackie said...


KfromMichigan said...

So cute!

karenwl said...

Adorable! Skype can partially fill the void until you see him again.

sandia said...

Oh Sue, he's a cutie! Thanks for the update on the little guy! Sandy

Life's a Beach! said...

Kyle's so cute! Hope you can see him soon!