Saturday, August 30, 2008

It was just a normal day - sort of

Made chilaquilles for breakfast using Miguel's homemade red sauce, topped with a fried egg. Ate the usual large helping of fresh fruit - mango, melon, watermelon, pitaya, and drank a full glass of fresh orange juice. Lounged in the hammock for a bit enjoying the breeze. Checked the dog for ticks - found three. Swept the floors and made the beds. Painted a bit of the staircase to check the color we bought (it looks like it will be ok). Prepared Negra's spot on the terrace and Luna's bed in the bodega (shed) for when the rains start. Just in time, it started raining and blowing just as I put Luna's chair in the shed. Mopped the floor upstairs after the rain ran in through the window shutters (as usual when it blows from the north). Fell asleep on the couch with Minina curled up beside me. Made enchiladas and other stuff for dinner. Washed the dishes. Went for a drive.

Those were the physical things I did. Mentally - thoughts of Hurricane Gustav took over today. We don't know anyone in Cuba but having been here during Hurricane Wilma, I have an idea what it is going to be like for them, and I just hope they will come out ok. Wishful thinking, I know.

During our drive we stopped along the east coast and watched the waves rumbling in - big ones, crashing on the rocks below. I love the sight of those waves, but don't like knowing what is causing them - a category 4 or 5 hurricane, making someone's life miserable (and dangerous), somewhere out there over the horizon.

We have a friend in Abbeville, LA - which is the projected landfall in the US. Ann will be evacuating tonight or tomorrow morning, and we hope everyone there will be ok too. I also have a friend in New Orleans - she just recently moved back there to rebuild her house after losing everything with Katrina. She is not in the direct path but they are being told to leave anyway - better safe than sorry, I'm sure.

Here, everything is normal. For the locals, it's business as usual. As the Mexicans say "No pasa nada". Yes, that is probably true for here, this time, but somewhere out there, "Si, pasa algo".


Anonymous said...

Sue how wonderful to see you're writing again. I always loved your perspective on your experiences. And what's this, you're married now?? This I gotta see! I'll be back 1st week of Dec to pay rent (AnnInLa's old apt)so hopefully I'll catch you then

Scottozoid said...

I'm glad Gustav decided to wreak his havoc elsewhere, but I am worried about Our Ann...I saw firsthand in Abbeville some of the damage left behind by Rita in 2005...

Sue I love your stories! I finally got over my boondoggle/boongoogle so now I can leave comments...the broom story was wonderful!

Sue said...

Jeannine and Scott - sounds like I'll catch up with you both in December. And Jeannine - I'm sure you enjoy Ann's old apartment, it was a cutie.