Monday, August 25, 2008

Lizards and Cats

They just don't go together.

Yesterday Luna was sitting in the garden. I heard a rustle, and so did Luna. She saw something I didn't see, but it was big enough to make noise as it tried to move through the vines and escape. Luna ran out the gate and around the front of the house, and that was the last I heard of any rustle. Did she catch it? I don't know, I'd like to think not but I know better - I've seen her with medium-sized iguanas in her mouth, and we've found parts in her storage area (behind a big planter). No wonder some days she doesn't want her cat food!

Also yesterday, we went upstairs to take a dip in the pool. As I got ready in the bedroom, Miguel and Minina hit the terrace. When I went out, there was Miguel, in the pool, with a small green lizard in his hands. Minina had caught it, but not yet killed it - although it played dead quite well. Why Miguel decided to go into the pool with the lizard, I don't really know, but in any case, he laid the lizard on the edge of the pool as I rounded up Minina and put her inside. The lizard laid there, on its back, not moving, not letting on it was alive. And then, when my back was turned, it took off. I missed it all. But this one got away - this time!

I think today the score is:
Luna 1
Minina 0
Lizards 1 for 2

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