Saturday, October 17, 2009

Did you mean to 'Google' me?

Part of the stat package I subscribe to shows me the link people clicked on in order to arrive at my page. Most people come to my blog via a saved favorite, a link from another blog, a link they have stored in email, or through our rental site.

Some people stumble upon my blog by accident. This morning I see two such 'stumbles'.

The first lady, from the UK, naively entered this into her Google search window:

"I am 70 years old why do the soles of my feet feel like paper"

Now, I have never written a blog about the soles of my feet (that I can remember). However, putting so many words into a search window is bound to bring up some odd suggestions. My blog being one of them.

Google suggested the blog I wrote about turning into an old lady to this poor soul over there in the UK looking for help about her feet.

To the lady in the UK - even though my blog didn't help you with your feet, I hope you enjoyed the story.

This morning another reader from California stumbled upon my blog while looking for information about the "Mexican Beep Song". My blog about sounds in the street, beep beep being one of them, caused Google to point that reader to my blog.

A tip to people using searches on the internet - use keywords, not sentences, and start with fewer words and add more as necessary if that search did not give you what you wanted. I typically use about two words, at the most four. Remember, in the world of search engines, less is best.

I have to say though - I have quite enjoyed some of the sites suggested to me by search engines. One can get lost in a world of following link after link. Sometimes I don't even remember what I was really looking for to start with, and some sites I end up adding to my favorites so I can check back later. Sometimes I come upon things I never even knew existed. I have been educated by Google.

But alas, in the case of my two unwitting readers above, they did not stop to enjoy my blog - they exited on the same page they entered on (yes, my stats tell me that too). Sadly, they did not get so engrossed in my silly stories that they couldn't stop reading. My blog will not be a new bookmark in their Google list of favorites. I was just a detour on the internet.


Ann said...

Sue, what an interesting post! You can find out so much!

Anonymous said...

I usually have 3 blogs I read and all have each other sites listed so I just jump from blog to blog. I have loved your writing ever since you wrote trip reports back in the days of buying your house

jeanie said...

Fascinating! I've always wondered about that feature for bloggers. Heather in Paradise did a post on it a while back and some people had entered strange weird kinky things to Google and they got directed to Heather. Thanks for showing ud the actual Google I get it.

Life's a Beach! said...

Sue, you do have your detective ways! I have noticed if I use any word in the title that could have a 'kinky' meaning, I get weird hits from all over the place. In particular -- Middle-Eastern countries. Hmmmmmmmmmm.

Vee said...

Great post, Sue, and tying this comment into two of your posts - You go, Nancy Drew! I had the entire collection. But what about Sherlock Holmes? I loved those books and once had two cats named Holmes and Watson. The TV series was excellent, as was the Poirot series. Love your blog!

Sue said...

Ann - that you can!

Dujy - thanks, that is so nice to hear.

Jeanie - glad the screen shot helped. I'm a visual person myself.

Beck - Hmmmm...can't remember much of a kinky heading lately in your blogs, but you never know how it translates...

Vee - thanks, I might have to look into Sherlock Holmes. Like the names of the cats!

Bennie said...

Well those poor readers should have taken more time to read up on your blog.

Stefan just told me last night he Loved the Internet. He was just amazed at how you can find anything you want (and a lot you don't want).