Thursday, August 28, 2008


Don't like the name. Don't like the looks. I'm thinking I'm not going to like Gustav much at all. He's toying with us, taking his sweet time meandering around the Caribbean. Unpredictable, (although the computer models think they can predict him). I like having time to prepare for these things, Gustav is making it hard. Don't want to prepare too soon, as it is a lot of work and could be for nothing. But we've been caught preparing too late - hoisting a/c units via cable with tropical force winds blowing things around - dangerous! And of course, the rain - can't use the electric drill or saw in the rain. You'd think by now our boards would all be cut and predrilled, wouldn't you? But if you understand Mexico and Mexicans, when a piece of wood is needed for something, they use whatever is handy, even if it is your hurricane stash. So - time to go count my wood; that is something I should do whether Gustav is coming or not, because if not him, there will possibly be another just around the corner.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sue....great blog! Sure makes a nice change from all of those political blogs that I continuously read! You and Miguel stay safe for Gustav, no repeat of Wilma, please. I am preparing for Gustav myself...looks like it will come right at us. We are under mandatory evacuation for Sunday morning...ugh. How I HATE hurricanes. Best to Miguel, Loco and the kitty, Ann