Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hurricane Time

Just over three years ago, I noticed how beautiful my town was looking. Clean, roads repaired, roadside plants happy and healthy. Then along came Hurricane Wilma, and she sat on top of us for almost three days. And wiped out most of the smaller plants and shrubs. Broke off many of the taller palms and banana plants. Our area looked like a bomb had blasted us, everything was brown and dusty and scattered.

Now we are fully recovered. Once again our area looks its best. The sea is a beautiful Caribbean blue, and is calm as can be. The bougainvilla is blooming everywhere, turning concrete walls into splashes of color. But around the corner looms Hurricane Gustav, possibly pointing right at us by the weekend. So today I will take pictures of all the beauty around me - plants and sea. My "before" picture, and I am so hoping there will not be an "after". Although there will be an 'after" for someone, somewhere - I only hope it will not be too bad.

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