Friday, August 29, 2008

Terrible Twos

I always knew human two-year-olds were special little people to be reckoned with, but I didn't realize it could also apply to two-year-old cats.

Minina is halfway into her second year as a cat. She's a really sweet girlie cat with a soft little meow, and when she's 'talking' she almost sounds like one of the dog's squeeky toys. "Meep, Meep". She is adorable.

Minina has always been playful, but lately she is causing havoc around the house.

She pulled the "PrintScreen" key off my laptop and tried to eat it (in June it was the "x" key).

She's knocking fridge magnets off the fridge.

She's darting out the door every chance she gets.

She's climbing the screens.

She's stealing out of my water glass.

She instills terror in the geckos and will tirelessly hunt them for hours.

She insists on 'arranging' my wall-hanging, like this (looking for geckos within):

This morning she jumped up into that mess on the wall, but lost her grip, and landed full force on Miguel's head and back. She has sharp claws, and left her marks. Miguel must really love that cat because he laughed it off.

We have special toys for Minina, those ones they use at cat shows. Minina has an old one, all chewed up, that she loves. We have some new ones stashed away for when the old one no longer meets her needs. Last night we got home from a drive, and entering the house we found the new toy in the middle of the living room floor, and two replacement 'mice' flung around the dining room. Bandidos? (we have arrived home to signs of bandidos before - a story for another time). Not bandidos this time, nothing else had been touched. Must have been Minina, but how and where did she find them? I thought they were safely in the desk drawer, which was closed.

We are living with a toddler, a two-year-old magician, into everything. A toddler cat.

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