Saturday, August 23, 2008

Why "Dentro Del Jardin"?

From the street, you are looking at a wall of salvia. Open the gate and you enter under a canopy of vines. Look to your left, or your right, and you are surrounded by shade plants, many of which are the result of Miguel's green thumb.

This is our home, and the coolness of the garden welcomes visitors. Sit in the rocking chair or lounge in the hammock. Watch the baby lizards play and jump from plant to plant. Listen to the birds singing and calling. Close your eyes and let the breezes refresh your skin. Time for siesta, al dentro del jardin.


Anonymous said...

What a great start to your blog. Blogging is fun although I started mine as therapy to help me work through almost losing Tara for the 2nd time.
I read all of your entries and hope to read many more enjoyable stories.
You might have know about many of the great blogs written by expat's living in Mexico. Wayne has them listed on his blog and I have added several of them to "blogs I read" on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue!

I love this! I am so sorry we did not visit in May...I am sure your home is beautiful now. Call it "lazy vacation syndrome" or just plain lazy!!

I am really glad you spoke up on the ferry, though, it was nice to chat for a minute.

Hopefully next time we will not be so lazy.

Thanks for sharing tidbits about your life on the island. It is nice to have friends who we can experience it with, vicariously.

Take care~

Sue said...

Thanks to all for your positive comments and encouragement. I hope to keep writing, as time permits and ideas flow.

Jackie - glad Tara is fine and blogging helped you deal with that scary situation.

Cheri - SURE you won't be so lazy next time. Of course you will - that's what vacation is supposed to be! We'll catch up one of these times.

Ann - I hope you are safely out of your town by now. My thoughts are with you.

Jeannine - I'm sure you enjoy Ann's old apartment, it was so cute, and seems to be a perfect location for you.

Inez - you think I imagine these things? (just kidding, I know what you mean). I appreciate your comment, and am glad you enjoy my style of writing (and imagining). :-)

Brenda Maas said...

Enjoyed reading your posts.

Sue said...

Thanks Brenda.