Saturday, October 4, 2008

Living your dream

I started out thinking I was going to write a post about living your dream. I know that many of you think that I am living my dream, and I can see how it appears that way. But I'm not sure that is the correct definition for what I'm doing; I think it might better be described as "doing what feels right". And 'doing what feels right', for me, happens to look a lot like what other people dream about.

So what happens when people decide to 'live their dream' and move to Mexico? Why do some stay and happily call Mexico 'home', yet others decide it is not for them and leave? Is it a different set of circumstances? Or a different set of expectations? Maybe both?

There are many things about living here that make it endearing or more frustrating than you can imagine. It almost always makes for a good story.

Try to think what could be good and bad about each of the following as it relates to Isla:
  1. No chain stores such as Walmart

  2. Low property taxes

  3. No bridge to the mainland

  4. High-end rentals

  5. Have to take a ferry to eat at McDonalds

  6. Many people do not speak English

  7. More and more foreigners are moving here

  8. Bills must be paid on time or service is cut off

  9. Minimum daily wage is less than $5 US per day

  10. Readily available cable tv and high-speed internet

  11. We mostly cook with gas

  12. Golf carts are considered valid transportation

In a future blog I will tell you what I think could be considered good and bad about each of the above. Much is dependent on perspective, and that doesn't necessarily mean I would agree with the perspective - just that there are people out there who will see it one way or the other, if not both ways. What are your thoughts?


Islagringo said...

Since I live here, I'm not going to comment on your list. But will be interested in what you have to say! I just now "discovered" that you have a blog, thanks to Jackie's post. And what a blog! What a writing style you have girl! Ok, I read the whole first page, now on to the older posts! Hope there are a lot of them because this is one well done blog!

Sue said...

Thanks, Gringo! I read your blog every day - love hearing how the other side of the island is doing (like this is such a huge place, right?). Anyway, I would love to hear your comments on it too, after non-residents have a chance to think about it. And as I said, just because there may be pros and cons to each, doesn't mean I would agree with them - just looking at things from both sides, that's all. And thought these 12 items might be interesting to look at from both sides. Glad you're enjoying the blog!

Life's a Beach! said...

Sue, I'm really interested in all your perceptions on this. I actually heard Craig say the 'M' word awhile back when we were talking about our future. Love to hear more!

IslaZina said...

I think this food for thought is a very good thing to offer up. Many folks think they are ready to live the dream, but have no idea of the reality that accompanies it. It takes work to live a dream that one my have not realized was simply a dream in the first place, not realizing it was their nightmare.
For me, it was my dream. At first, I was not as well equipped as I thought to endure the little nightmares. Now, I am so much stronger a person, it has just amazed me.
You too, I bet!