Wednesday, October 15, 2008

And this is how my day started

The weather has not been pleasant lately. It rains, it blows, the sun comes out, and then it rains again. Repeat over and over since Sunday afternoon. I had my laundry on the line for 3 days, before I finally gave up and brought it in to finish drying.

Luna, the outdoor cat, has been coming indoors to escape the weather (she has a shed, but that gets dull after a few hours). Luna mostly eats and sleeps, and when she needs out, she quietly gives signs if one is paying attention. So, she is really no problem.

The problem becomes when Minina the tormentor comes into the picture. Minina is not aggressive, but she annoys Luna by following her around and getting too close. Luna has vivid memories of horrible battles with Chaquiste, so she is not sure about this Minina cat. Thus, Luna growls and hisses when Minina encroaches on Luna's space.

Last night everyone slept indoors in peace. But this morning was a different story. Minina had irritated the heck out of Luna, who was now quite mad at her, and they had a little spat up in the staircase first thing this morning. I ignored them as I figured they would sort things out themselves. But they came into the living room, and kept up their quarrel. We were just trying to drink our coffee and start our day, and the kids were ruining it for us. So - intervention time. "Luna - stop it", and "Minina - stop it". I doubt they understood really, but they stopped it.

Then Miguel opened the front door to go outside. Minina saw her chance and shot out between his feet. We got out the hose but it didn't work this time - Minina ran to the back of the house, and when I went out there to catch her, she ran back to the front. This amused Miguel and annoyed me because he should know she does this and should pay attention when he opens the door. But he doesn't, and so Minina plays her games. Finally I caught her and tossed her back in the house.

Miguel went to the market, and this little piggy stayed home. A friend called to chat, and for some reason I walked into the kitchen while I was talking to him. Just in time to see the hind-end and tail of Minina as she squeezed out through the kitchen screen window. I tried to grab her tail but she was gone. I ran out the back door, and she saw me and took off down the passageway to the front of the house. I ran through the house to the front door, and found that Miguel had latched the screen door from the outside. I lost time trying to find something to flip the latch from the inside. Once outside, I saw that Minina had at least stayed inside the property, so I got out the hose and sprayed her - usually this will make her run for the front door. This time she ran back to the back of the house, with me in pursuit. I almost got her in the back garden but she slipped out of my grasp and went back down the passageway to the front garden AGAIN. Down the passageway I huffed and puffed, and finally caught her in the garden under the living room window.

My friend on the phone heard the entire episode, and he was laughing because he knows my house, and he knows Minina - he knew exactly what I was doing as he heard all the noise. Got no sympathy from him.

Minina was exhausted from all this and went to the top of the fridge into her basket and pretended to sleep. I tried to put the screen back on the window. And when Miguel came home I told him the story and he just grinned. I think he is actually proud of his little monster cat. But at least Minina has stopped bothering Luna. Peace reigns once again. For now.


Ok, I started this blog before I read the blog of IslaGringo. Wayne has done a post today that I would like to link to from here. I hope it will lead more people to his message on World Poverty and Project Warm Hands. And I just read CancunCanuck's blog, and she too has a post about world poverty, with some interesting (although sad) statistics. I sort of started a blog about a related concern the other day.

I don't have any answers beyond what I can do personally, which is never enough. But maybe our blogs will raise awareness of some of the things that may not be in plain view in the tourist areas here. Anything and everything you do really helps, wherever you choose to give. Thanks!


Islagringo said...

Thank you for the link. I really appreciate it.

What would happen if you just let Minina stay outside until she was ready to come in? It sounds like this has turned into a giant fun game for her. Otherwise wouldn't she just run into the street and be gone? I think the little devil waits for you to come out to give chase!

Sue said...

Too dangerous outside for her. Some cars and trucks go blazing down our road way too fast. There are stray dogs, other stray cats, people who don't like cats. We already lost one cat this year who insisted on being free (and was dead within 3 days) - do not even want to take that chance with her. She will be much healthier if she would just stay in, and she has a large terrace up on the top of the house - not like she doesn't have options.But you're right - it is a big game to her, although her objective really isn't to annoy ME, I'm just the obstruction to her ultimate goal - catching and eating a gecko.

Life's a Beach! said...

Sue, Minina is just worried about your health and wants to make sure you do a morning aerobics routine! :) We had a dog years ago who would run like the wind if she got out the door. Nightmare! I use to have to chase her and tackle her if I could. Neighbors thought I was insane.

Bennie said...

Well since I was the person on the other end of the phone line hearing all this going on I can say that Minina has quite the game plan. She wanted attention from her mommy and she got it too.

Sue I felt your pain (mine was from laughing at you, my side was hurting from laughing so hard.) I know Karma will come bite me in the butt later for that. I have my own monster cat too.