Monday, October 6, 2008

Who threw up? And where?

While I was busy in another room, I heard the "r-eh r-eh r-eh" sound an animal makes when it's about to empty the contents of its stomach. I couldn't quite tell if it was an animal inside or out.

The #1 suspect was Luna, because she ate grass this morning when we went out for our Loco break. If not Luna, then possibly Negra - she had a rabies shot the other day and this morning she wasn't in any hurry to leave her little bed in the corner of the terrace.

I went outside and looked around. Luna was sitting on the front wall looking benign, and Negra was still in her bed. No sign of anything for me to clean up.

Ok, let's check the inside. Loco had a bath yesterday and was licking areas I'd prefer he didn't. Maybe the shampoo had upset his stomach? He was sprawled on the blue bench, not looking happy but not looking miserable either. And when he throws up there is always an explosive "r-ehhhhhh" at the end, which I didn't hear this time. So, probably not him.

Minina? She was doing what she always does - running around and getting into everything. No sign of not feeling well in her behavior.

The floors looked clean. Oh well...probably just a false retch. On to my morning routine of sweeping the floors. I got everything done up to the kitchen, and as I stooped over to dump the contents of the dustpan, Minina swooped in under the counter and tried to bury something under the sink. Upon close inspection the mystery was solved. It was Minina who was sick, and she was trying to clean up.

But Minina tries to clean up things that don't make sense either. One time I gave both her and her brother a small scoop of soup broth that I have lovingly put together for our meal. Both cats promptly took a sniff and tried to bury the soup. They were disgusted with it. maybe I don't make the best soup in the world, but it's not THAT bad. Or is it?

Yesterday I gave Minina two pieces of mango - which she gobbled up. I held out the third, taken from a different slice of the fruit. She sniffed but wouldn't take it. I dropped it on the floor. She sniffed again. And then tried to bury it.

If you are ever here for dinner, please don't slip anything from your plate to Minina. I don't want her telling you the food is horrible.

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Life's a Beach! said...

Ah, that familiar sound! The last time our Saby threw up, it was in the living room in our old house in Washington. The house with its light beige carpet had been sold and she had eaten a critter. I was the only one home and it was the worst thing I've ever cleaned! Bones and everything. Ick! I bet a big spot still comes back up in that carpet every month or so and the new owners scratch their heads. he he he