Sunday, August 9, 2009

And so now we have #3

Yesterday's post was about waiting for the third ridiculous incident. Well, we are not waiting any longer...

Miguel went off this morning to buy cochinita pibil for our guests and to pick up a few things at the mercado. I puttered in the kitchen with a couple other sides and then sat on the couch under the fans to cool off. I heard Miguel's footsteps coming down the road, which meant the golf cart had let him down.

We had just been saying how well the cart was running, but this morning it was stop and go for a while and then finally - stop. We are so used to this that we don't even get upset any more, we just leave the cart wherever it stops and start walking. Later Miguel will go to the mechanic's house and tell him where the cart is, and the mechanic will fix it, and we'll be good for another couple of weeks.

What's that saying? It ends something like "Accept what you cannot change..."? Since a new golf cart is not an option, it's this golf cart or nothing. So we will stick with this cart, and just accept that there will be frequent inconvenient breakdowns that don't cost much to repair (normally), and that's just how it is.

On another note, it's a gorgeous sunny day, our guests leave around 11, and after that we'll be enjoying the hammocks, the pool, and the terraces all afternoon. It's Sunday - our day to just hang out and do nothing (or almost nothing). Yippee!


Life's a Beach! said...

Sorry about the third incident. I often worry what would happen here if my car died on the freeway when it's 110. Definitely better to be on Isla in a golf cart where you can walk home! Or see a friend who can help you out! I'm glad you get to lie in the hammock this afternoon and chill out! : )

Island Nana said...

Here's how it goes "Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference..." I use that prayer every day.

Leslie said...

what a bummer! what kind of cart is this? gas or electric? they aren't that complicated...I would think that everything has been fixed or replaced by now as often as you get it repaired!

Sue said...

Beck - I hope you never find out what would happen if your car died on the freeway. I'm guessing it would be a huge hassle.

Nana - thanks, I just couldn't quite get the right words. Those are words to live by, no doubt about it.

Leslie - it's gas. And no, they're not that complicated, but the cart is about 15 years old, is not meant to be used as a car, drives 'hot' which melts wires, etc. Just about everything has been replaced over the years (I've had the cart for 7 years), and some pieces have been replaced more than once (i.e., the generator). Lots of factors play into these mechanical issues - age, salt, use of bad material, old parts, etc. Some is normal maintenance, some is age, some is just bad luck.