Saturday, August 1, 2009

Good to be back Home

I got back yesterday afternoon after a quick trip to Canada and then a work week in the US. As always when I'm in Canada I'm appreciative of how easy it is to get things done compared to here. Having a car makes a difference.

I found a Mediterranean chicken wrap/sandwich at McDonald's, and was pleasantly surprised at how great it tasted. I also had a Happy Meal on the run during a trip to Walmart, and brought the stuffed toy home for Smokey and/or Loco, whichever claims it first.

We had dinner at the Capri Restaurant (chicken cacciatore, the non-seafood special for Saturday night). I ate so many pieces of warm crunchy Italian bread that I was full before the main meal came. But I managed to eat most of it, and the rest made a nice light snack the next day.

My last night there I had dinner with Jen at The Keg - a steak place that I think tops any in the area. I splurged and had filet mignon, and it had no fat and was cooked just right. The hot sour-dough bread was good with melted butter.

I guess I ate far more bread than I ever eat in Mexico, but it was all so good.

On Monday afternoon I flew to corporate for a very tough week, in more ways than one. Sixteen months ago I was asked to apply for my position and relocate to corporate, and when I declined I basically started working on borrowed time. I was promised 3 months notice of when my full-time hours would stop, and should feel lucky that I was able to stay on for so long. But the time has come (not a good time for them, not a good time for me, but so be it). I will probably still have some work on a project basis, but it means I have to pay a lot more attention to the costs of daily living, and need to really look hard for alternate sources of income.

I was so happy just to get back home yesterday and find almost everyone doing well. Minina has recovered almost completely from her Bell's Palsy and she's more active and playful than she's been in a long time (maybe the injection of vitamins helped?). Smokey is fully recovered from her spay surgery and is back to pestering everyone she can, as often as she can. Maya, Luna, and Loco are all fine, as is Miguel.

The only dark spot is that Chong, the Minina look-alike that lives in our front garden on and off, and eats two meals a day courtesy of us, has been missing for 9 days now. Chong has been missing before, but never for more than several days. I feel sad to think that after two years of seeing him walking around our neighborhood, something bad has happened to him. There are three new dogs just down the road, not tied up, and I'm not sure that they didn't harm him or at a minimum scare him off. I sort of think (and hope) they didn't do anything because Cheech is still hanging around, and he was the one who often disappeared for days at a time for no reason. But Chong - no, this is most unusual and I am sad thinking about him. We seem to lose so many animals here, it's a tough life for them and tough on us as we care for them and then they are gone.

Makes one wonder how many pieces of heart one can lose before it just doesn't work any more?


Life's a Beach! said...

Sue, we have a Keg close to us that just opened last year. We haven't tried it yet. That was one of our favorite restaurants years back in Washington State. I can still remember their warm sourdough bread.

So sorry about Chong and your job. Even when you know it's coming in advance, job loss still hits hard. I've always had a hard time dealing with uncertainty, but I'm learning as I age. And I also wonder how many times a heart can be broken? I suppose I'm also learning that as I age. :(

Sue said...

Beck - I conclude that 'aging' makes us stronger. I was reading some sad stories in the paper last week about men in their 50's who lost their jobs and have no hope of coming close to replacing their income. They've exhausted their savings/retirement portfolio, they've lost their homes, and have nowhere else to turn. It is just so sad. I believe I will be ok, I just have to dig deep to figure out how.

Last night we were woken by a horrible cat fight. Thinking it was poor Luna, trapped on the back terrace, we raced down only to find her doing just fine. And Cheech is not here this am, so I suspect he maybe was the victim - possibly that aggressive white cat that used to go after Chong. The 3 loose dogs down the road were all out wandering around too (at 2 am). I don't really know what's going on out there, but it's a scary place for cats and maybe that is why Chong moved on (if that's what he did - I can only hope). This is why I insist that my 3 indoor cats remaining indoors (or on the back terrace where they can't get away) - don't want to think about them out there facing danger. Luna came from that world and being a female, she doesn't seem to be a target and manages well on her own. I can't change her so just have to hope she'll stay safe. I would really like a break in worrying about pets, I have enough other things on my mind right now. I hope your "Radar" gets placed in a home - she sounds like a nice dog that deserves it.

P.S. Cheech just showed up at the door, crying to be fed. So that's a relief, he's ok.

Bennie said...

Sue it was good talking to you over the weekend. I really hate about the notice on the job but for some reason I just know you will be OK. You won't let it be any other way.

I don't know how you do it with all the animals. You are a very kind hearted person and the animals you have in your care now are darn lucky.

Scottozoid said...

Sue: so sorry to hear about the job etc. It is good that you saw this coming and started learning more skills and got the B&B launched.

Being a "men in their 50's" myself, I gotta punch myself and remind me that I am lucky to have a long standing stable gig myself and I am grateful

Sometimes "aging" sucks big time, but it's not like we have a choice, but we can keep on moving on and do the best we can.

Good luck, buen suerte, hopefully there will be lots of bookings for the B&B and the apartments to come.

Leslie said...

Bummer on the way they handled the job thing Sue....we will certainly miss you in the coming upgrade....

and I will miss the contact with you beyond a friend - but at least you are out here...

Life has gotten very strange in the world of business, but I just know you will do well - and perhaps better not to be living at someone else's whims....

Sue said...

Bennie - I know I can always count on you to listen, and especially in this case, I knew you'd be able to relate. Thanks for being there, as you have been so many other times before.

Scott - rental income doesn't come close to replacing earned income, but it will help on some fronts. Sure wish I could retire and just enjoy my home and family and do some volunteer stuff - one day maybe.

Leslie - your last statement said a lot. I am hopeful this will be a blessing in disguise but time will tell. It's great that internet technology allows us to stay in touch regardless of physical location. "Friends Forever" almost takes on a whole other meaning. You know where to find me. :-)

Islagringo said...

I hope you find Chong, or that he at least returns. Sorry about the job. That must be painful as hell.

Your last sentence was a doozy! Struck me hard.

Sue said...

Wayne - still no Chong. :( Sorry to hit you hard with that statement, I know you've been through some tough times lately. But you know, sometimes you just have to wonder about things like that.