Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Odds and Ends

Don't really have any one subject to write about, but will catch you all up on little things:

- Chong is still missing, so I fear the worst. Yesterday morning his 'son' (we think that is the relationship) was calling for him - prowling all over the garden, looking, crying and calling. The two cats would frolic on the front terrace and were best buddies, even though both were male. The grey cat (Cheech) is lonely. Luna was stretched out on a rock in the front garden and Cheech went over and sat beside her for company. Luna immediately got up and came to the front door, and Cheech followed hopefully. Cheech doesn't know that Luna is not a cat's cat - she's a solitary being. So sad for Cheech.

- Honeymooners are checking in tomorrow. We've had people here on their anniversary, but other than Jen and Miko, nobody on their honeymoon. Hopefully we will find some fragrant lilies at the flowershop tomorrow to brighten their room. I hope the weather will be wonderful for them, and it looks like they'll get a full moon.

- Miguel installed a make-shift latch lock on the patio screen door in the guest suite, so in case Luna won't come in at night, at least she won't be inviting herself into the guest room. Last night I was sound asleep and Luna just shoved the screen aside with a bang and marched in. Not a nice way to be woken up; hopefully the lock will frustrate her and she'll stop opening the doors.

- Mango is past its prime. The last few mornings we've been disappointed with the quality of the fruit, and one morning I simply spit it out it was so sour I couldn't eat it. Another morning it tasted fermented, like alcohol - spit that mouthful out too. We still have a few on the counter that look hopeful, and one this morning tasted decent, so hopefully there will still be some good feasts yet to come.

- I've decided that I really like the Mexican chicken from Familia Tomas more than Rosticeria chicken. The chicken from Familia Tomas still has that tasty red rub, but is cooked over charcoal instead of on the spit. The meal comes with different condiments, and a bag or two of noodle soup - all for the same price as the rosticeria chicken (90 pesos). I love the soup, it has lifted my spirits more than once. I don't care for their spaghetti, but if I add some extra sauce, it's ok. But with the soup, I don't even care if I have the spaghetti.

- We have halted work on the new studio apartment until we see how finances go and I get some debt paid off. I would love to have it ready by Jan, but we'll just have to be patient and not spend right now. It's a huge investment that will take years to pay for itself, but there is already a lot invested so rather than have it sit there with nothing coming in, we should finish it and get it rented out. We'll see.

- Nothing here, other than property taxes, is cheap and is actually comparable to costs in Canada. I guess food could be cheaper, especially if we cook mostly at home, but phone, internet, water, pet supplies (to name a few) - they all cost the same or even a bit more than in Canada. Electricity is very expensive and so we are frugal with the a/c, the water bomb, the water heater, and the washing machine. I don't use the dryer, it's just for emergency use if we have guests and we hit a rainy spell. I happen to love hanging the laundry on the line anyway - it ends up looking so bright and clean, it smells great, and most things are only a little wrinkled (I don't think I've ever turned on the iron here).

- Something happens to elastic waistbands after a while. I have some capri pants that I just love but they are now sliding down because the elastic is shot. I have a pair of pajama shorts that I also love, but those I have to hold onto as I walk around because they fall right off me (I finally put them in the mending pile). I am trying to get my sewing machine repaired so I can put in new elastic and sew myself another housedress (I bought the material, just need to get the bobbin part fixed so the thread doesn't keep tangling and jamming the machine). Not like I actually have the time, but I do have a fantasy that I will one day be able to a) lay in my hammock and write, b) sew stuff, and c) knit stuff. I even fantasize about dancing and playing tennis again. Just don't have enough free time and the free time I have is for catching up on rest. We're tired people!


IslaZina said...

I too love Tomas's chicken and soup. I am also frugal but think you should find a way to continue making progress on the new room. Ha, like I'm making progress. I am almost fully mobile and need to do a major cleaning after cooking for a party at the Bottle Island I was too burned out to attend! We lead such simple lives...back home, they just don't believe it when I say so. Lora seems changed from the 5th run in with a taxi. Looking both ways now and hesitant to make kaka in the median strip. Slinks around the corner like she's supposed to!

Islagringo said...

Where is this Tomas's chicken place with the mythical soup. I have to try it when I get home!

We had a couple stay in the cabana once and they decided to get married while they. We were their witnesses on the beach in front of our house. They came back the next year and she was pregnant. Nice people.

B has been trying to find a sewing machine repair person for months. Even seamstress Gladys doesn't know of one on the island. She said to look in Cancun. If you find somebody, let us know!

Bennie said...

I agree with being a tired person. I bet Luna will not be amused with the new locks on the screen. I can just see her letting herself in. She's come a long way from the howling outside when I was down there and she was still a stray.

Had a great week with Mom this week. She came to see me down where I was working. I love that I'm close enough for that.

Sue said...

Zina - you know if we can find a way we'll make it happen.

Wayne -'s on one of those little streets near the mercado - in Canotal. If you use that dirt path from the mercado to cut across to the other side, just as you get to the ditch, veer to the right and go down the curb to the road and to your left is the place. If you know where the hardware store is, go to the bottom of the road and turn right - it's right there on the left. 90 pesos gets you two bags of soup, two bags of spaghetti (or rice), and one full chicken with tortillas (if they don't forget like they did today), as well as a coleslaw like condiment that you dump in the soup and put in your tacos that you make with the chicken and the tortillas. Hope you find it!

Sue said...

Bennie - Seems like so long ago that Luna was prowling the walls around here, but I guess it was just 2 years ago? (when Miguel was in the hospital?). So glad you are spending more time with your mom - you both are lucky to have each other.