Sunday, August 30, 2009

Our weekend - part 1

We actually had a decent weekend despite the lousy start with the flooded floors. After we mopped up, we ate leftover cheese empanadas and our big plate of fruit - yummy. Miguel had a worker over at the studio apartment so after breakfast he headed over there. I started washing the floors - a process that took me until 3 pm because I did it in parts and dipped in the pool in between, to cool off.

It has been very hot here, and the water in the pool is just lovely (for my taste). Once I was finally done with the floors I took a long dip and then had a nice siesta in the hammock.

Miguel showed up around 5 pm and we were both hungry, but he was more hot and tired than anything else so he soaked in the pool and then collapsed on the bed. By that time I was starving but agreed to let him sleep for an hour before we rustled up some dinner. In the meantime, I ate a chicken wrap to hold me over.

By 7 Miguel was still sleeping. I woke him up, he was hungry, but he was also drained and just wanted to keep sleeping. The golf cart was at the mechanic's for an oil change so I took a taxi to the hamburg stand - we decided we would have burgers and fries.

The stand was just starting up - they were frying the onions. The young woman helper told me it would be about 30 minutes. Hmmm...I didn't want to wait that long as I knew it was prime mosquito hour and they feast on me. I said I'd come back another night, and walked across the street to put in some numbers on the lottery. As I finished up, I noticed that the owner of the stand was there and starting to cook, so I went back over and asked how long it would be to get 2 burgers with fries - 30 minutes? No, she said - 25 minutes. We all smiled - I had been at the lottery for 5 minutes so the count-down to the burgers reflected that 5 minutes.

I decided I was too hungry to go away without a burger, so placed the order and sat down. I commented that there weren't any mosquitoes, but I spoke too soon because not 5 minutes later I was getting mobbed. I didn't say anything but someone in the family came over and hooked up a small fan and directed it at my feet. Surprisingly, it worked, and I was able to withstand the wait without getting any more bites.

A man and his young daughter came along and he ordered hot dogs. They sat behind me and enjoyed the meal, so much that he called out for one more dog. I have never had one of the hot dogs but they look and smell delicious. Finally my order was ready and I caught a cab and headed back home.

Either I was really hungry or the burger was just very good, because I enjoyed every bite. The woman knows that I don't like ham on my burger, so she prepares it the way I like it and marks the container so I know which is mine. She puts just the right mix of everything on the burger and even though there is very little meat, it is so good. Miguel finally came down after I was done, and he ate every bite too (well, we both gave a bite to Loco, so I guess we ate almost every bite).

After a cup of coffee, we started getting ready for bed. I thought Luna was inside and wanted to put her out on the back terrace, but after searching all levels (twice), I remembered that she'd gone out when I'd gone for the burgers. Ok, so she was going to wake us up at some point by opening the patio door and coming in.

While I was searching inside for Luna, Maya decided to harass Minina, and they had quite a little spat. Maya had Minina blocked in, so I decided that was enough and took Minina up to the bedroom with us. We don't normally allow the cats in our room when we're sleeping, but I knew Minina needed a break and she is never any trouble. The only thing I had to worry about was Luna opening the bedroom door and Minina getting out. I had worked up quite a sweat going up and down the stairs, so I took a final dip in the pool and then went to bed. It was only 10 pm but we were both ready for a full night's sleep. And Luna showed up right as we turned out the lights so I let her out of the bedroom into the rest of the house and Miguel, Minina and I settled down for a nice peaceful night.

Or maybe not completely peaceful...(to be continued)...


Nancy said...

Oh boy...I can't wait to see what adventures you had for the rest of the night! I was laughing at your cockroach story, sympathizing at the plugged drain story, worn out by the floor mopping and all the cats going in and out. What next??

Life's a Beach! said...

Sue, I'm hoping you'll post Part 2 tomorrow because the suspense is killing me! You would be proud of me today. I let a bee live! Catch and release!

Sue said...

Nancy - you just never know what is next here!

Beck - I'm proud of you!

Islagringo said...

So where is this great hamburger stand?

Sue said...

Wayne - the stand is right beside the new Seso Locos. Across the street from the lottery. Hope you get a chance to try it!

Islagringo said...

I'll be taking a run over there this week! Drove by and saw that Seso is now open. Cute place.