Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I live with weird people

Let's start with Maya. She's a cat. Cat's are supposed to hate water, right? Apparently not Maya. She will be lying behind a planter on the back terrace, and if I start hosing it down, she just lies there, even when the water makes its way to her spot. She might move eventually, but only to walk around IN the water.

She sleeps in the sinks in the bathrooms and on the back terrace, even if they are still wet from use. If it starts raining when she's outside, she lays on her ledge that is sort of covered, and just looks at me with a quizzical stare when I call her, as if to say "What's the problem? I'm happy here".

Then there's Negra/Blacky. She loves to eat, and when she's not eating she's protecting her food dish so nobody else eats her left-overs. Sometimes she is so lazy about eating she will pull the dish over to her bed and eat while lying down. And sometimes she won't get up when I give her fresh food - she waits until I've gone back inside and then she goes over to her bowl and gobbles away.

Minina is a nibbler - she doesn't eat much at any one sitting. The cats all get one feeding of canned food a day, augmented with dry food. Minina gets a small helping of canned food, because she mostly licks the juice and never finishes what's on her plate. You can tell when she's done because she uses her paw to make a motion like she wants to 'bury' her food. Two or three swipes on the ground beside her plate and she walks away. That's it, had enough.

All the animals have their favorite sleeping places, and some even have favorite sleeping positions. Loco lies on his side with his paws pressed up against the couch to hold him in position. Negra sometimes sleeps right on her back with her feet sticking up in the air. Maya likes to sleep as close to Loco as he permits. Smokey has a hiding place behind the couch. Last night I discovered a new sleeping place for Miguel...

He came home after having consumed some beer - he was happy, but not drunk. Beer makes him sleepy, but he had to prepare his red sauce before he could turn in. We have guests so are sleeping in the room downstairs. I went to bed while Miguel puttered in the kitchen. Later he went into the bathroom and was in there a long time. I roused out of my daze and went to check on him - he was laying back in the warm water. He said he was 'thinking'. Hmmm...looked more like he was sleeping, but ok...

I went back to bed, and the next time I woke up Miguel still wasn't beside me. The bathroom door was still shut - could he STILL be in the tub? I didn't know how much time had passed by since the last time I'd checked, since there is no clock in the room. I got up and opened the door and this time it was clear that he was sleeping in the tub. I just shook my head and left him there.

For all either of us knows, he slept there for an hour, or he slept there half the night. In a tub filled with water that must have turned cold. Slept like a baby. He eventually made his way into bed. But I really think he slept better in the tub.


Life's a Beach! said...

Sue, I love the title of this post! Saby's a finicky eater/drinker and just doesn't do either if no one's at home. When we come in the door, she'll drink the entire bowl. And Miguel. LOL!
Truthfully, Craig can sleep at the drop of a hat -- anywhere. So I perfectly understand.

Islagringo said...

If he had slipped under, he sure would have woken up fast! Good story!

Ann said...

I agree! My household is the same..everyone has their special spots & noone else goes there!

Sue said...

Nice to know I'm amongst good company, sometimes I think I'm the only 'normal' one around this house. Of course, if you ask Miguel you might get a different impression, and I know if you ask my brother he'll tell you he's the only normal one in the entire family.

Beck - Miguel falls asleep in less than a minute when he's tired. It amazes me!

Wayne - that's what I was worried about - would he wake up if he went under?

Ann - guess we all do have our favorite spots, but have you noticed that cats don't keep their favorite spots for long? Ours always have to find a new favorite spot after a week or so.

Bennie said...

Maya probably deals with the water so she can get some private time without all the other cats. I cant wait to see a cat that is not freaked out about water.

And I've slept in the tub before. But I wake up when I get cold.

Bennie said...

Hey Sue.

You need to check out this youtube clip. Is this Maya?