Monday, October 12, 2009


I had a bunch of great ideas float through my head this weekend. But I didn't take the time to write, and guess what? They've gone.

They might come back, that happens sometimes, usually when I'm trying to work on something else. Like looking for stuff - I find things I lost a long time ago while looking for the thing I really want to find right now.

At the moment I'm looking for my Canadian wallet. I have three wallets - one for Canada, one for the US (when I'm there working), and one for Mexico. I have a vague memory of pushing it into some corner one day, but the corner I thought I tucked it into does not contain a wallet.

I might have left it in a suitcase, knowing I really wouldn't need it again until I go back to Canada. But I might not have left it in there, knowing I might not use the same suitcase anyway. I really don't remember what thoughts went through my mind when I carefully put the wallet in a safe place, I just remember thinking that it was a good place to put it.

I don't really lose stuff, I just don't remember where it is. Miguel - he loses stuff. He loses keys a lot, and he has lost his wallet at least three times in the last three years (that he admits to). Stuff falls out of his pockets - those floppy things that don't really close properly, especially when things are carelessly shoved into them in the first place.

The first time Miguel lost his wallet he didn't do anything about it. I told him to go to the police to see if it was turned in. He wouldn't. He said he would give it a few days to turn up. I thought he was crazy. However, 8 days later he was driving through Salina Chica when a guy called out to him - he had his wallet. He'd found it in the street and was waiting to see Miguel at the lottery to tell him he had his wallet. No thought to go to his house to turn it in - the guy just knew one day he'd see the owner again and he would keep it safe until then. So Miguel was right, and I learned a lesson about Mexican culture and thinking.

Luckily, since I rarely go anywhere I generally know that my stuff is lost in the house. So I don't panic, I know it will turn up eventually. Maybe too late for my next trip to Canada, but surely I'll stumble upon it once I've given up looking.

I do have a theory, because often things turn up in a place that I've turned upside down more than once. We have aluxes here - mischievous little elves that like to play tricks and make me think I'm losing my mind. Some days I think they're on to something...


Islagringo said...

"go to the police" hahahaha! That's a good one!

You'll find your wallet. It will be in the last place you look!

Islagringo said...

I forgot to say....we have Aluxes also. But every since we put candy out for them (wrapped!), they have not bothered us at all. Try it.

Life's a Beach! said...

My ideas float in and out, and right now, the tide is out. It must be the aluxes at my house that are making a mess everyday!

Bennie said...

I love the sentence "I don't really lose stuff, I just don't remember where it is."

That just says it all. I'm the same way.

Sue said...

Wayne - it's the thought that counts, I always like to think the police are there to help us. You can stop laughing any time.

And we have put stuff out for the aluxes in the past, guess it's time to do it again, they're back! (maybe they never really left).

Beck - sure the aluxes made the mess. I saw your domino buttons and tags, I think it might have been YOU!

Bennie - I figured you'd relate!