Friday, October 23, 2009

You probably had to be there (but I'm telling it anyway)

The other morning Smokey was lying on the floor beside the coffee table, taking a doze and minding her own business. Miguel decided to torment her by calling her - he didn't want anything other than acknowledgment that she heard him. He called "Smokey" several times, no reaction. He told me to call her - and I sweetly said "Smo-key" and she turned her cute little face towards me and gazed at me with her beautiful eyes.

Annoyed that Smokey favors me, Miguel started to say nasty things about her. "Smokey gato feo" (ugly cat) resulted in Smokey quickly swinging her head around and glaring at Miguel. As if to say "what was that you just said?". The look in her eyes dared him to say it again.


Last night Minina was perched on the edge of the kitchen bar counter, looking towards the top of the fridge. I told her to 'go for it', and with that, she jumped and landed right in the center of the top of the fridge. She turned to me and said something that sounded like "Like that?". She understood me when I told her to go for it, but unfortunately I didn't quite understand her words back to me. Although I did understand her meaning. I think.


Also last night, after we'd gone to bed, there was a crash from somewhere outside the bedroom. Getting up to check, I found Maya laying on the top of the ledge overlooking the staircase. I asked her what had happened and with that she leaned over the edge of the counter and looked down. As if to say that the noise was from down there. I thought maybe a cat had fallen, and Smokey was at the bottom of the stairs, but upon further investigation, I found that Minina had knocked something off the counter while searching for night-time geckos. As I looked up the staircase, Maya was still leaning over, watching and listening. I tried to get a picture but it was dark and the flash was off, and that attracted Maya's attention and she came down to see what I was up to. So sorry, no picture.


We were eating at La Bruja this afternoon. Loco, as always, was sitting on the golf cart. Along came a little male dog. As he passed the cart I expected Loco to lunge at the little dog to tell him to get away from his space. But Loco was in a friendly mood, and got down from the cart and both dogs eyed each other, wagged their tales, and had a good sniff of each other's most private dangly bit.

With that checked out, it was time for the pee-ing contest. Loco went first, decorating the front tire of the golf cart before getting back up on the cart. The little dog went up to the puddle, licked up a few drops, and urinated on top of Loco's 'sign'. With that Loco went back and sniffed, and added some more liquid to the mix before getting back up on the golf cart. The fourth and final pee-er was the little dog, who went over top of Loco's puddle and then trotted off.

We declared the little dog the winner.


Life's a Beach! said...

LOL! And that's where the phrase 'pissing contest' comes from! : ) Sue, you can send me a message on Facebook and/or Bob's board. I'll be checking the internet while I'm on Isla.

jeanie said...

Sue, Juat so you know, I have begged Beck to visit you and take some pix of your gang.

Ann said...

Great stories! Ah, the joys of dog & dog "ownership"! Same here at my house...Every day something noteworthy happens around here--esp with the dog.

Bennie said...

Too funny. Too bad you don't speak the language of the animals. You can bet they understand us. And your animials are even bilingual or maybe trilingual.

Sue said...

Beck - done!

Jeanie - she is planning the end of the week.

Ann - you're right...every single day.

Bennie - they speak English, Spanish, cat, and dog - quad-lingual?