Thursday, October 1, 2009

Not much of a Tweeter

Or is that Twitter-er? Not that I don't have lots of short blurbs that come out of my mouth. I just don't know that anyone would find it very interesting. Let's see, what did I talk to myself about today?

Wow, it's almost 7 am, we are late getting up today.

Darn that Maya, she was kneading my stomach with her sharp claws through the night - I shoved her away several times but she kept coming back.

One cat was sleeping on my chest - it felt like Minina, but later it felt like Smokey.

Were there two cats sleeping on my chest?

What are we going to make for breakfast? Eggs in red sauce, and what else? Bacon and cheese empanadas seems to finish the plate nicely.

Darn, no mangoes, I hope Miguel finds some at the market.

What is taking Miguel so long? I've chopped all the fruit, set the table, and now I've cleaned the garlic cloves for him.

There he is...he arrived walking...means the golf cart broke down somewhere. Explains why he's so late. And no, the market didn't have any mangoes.

Can mango season really be finished? If so, it went out with a bang, not so much as a warning with less-than tasty fruit. The last mango I ate was so sweet, like candy.

Guess I'd better go feed Donna's cats before I get into working and forget about them. Funny how they can hear me coming, they recognize my footsteps.

Hmmm...someone did a major trimming on the bougainvilla, I wonder if Miguel would like some cuttings so he can grow some new plants.

Nope, he doesn't want any, he has enough going right now.

I see the garbage is starting to accumulate on the side of the road again. Why can't people keep it clean? Don't they care? Are they that lazy?

Just don't look at it Sue, you can't change it anyway.

There's the black dog, and Short Guy - where's Tres Patas? Oh, there he is, under the truck.

Good, they're all safe. Nice dogs, even if they do make a mess of the street.

I'm not sure who makes more of a mess though...the humans or the dogs.

Just don't look at it Sue, you can't change it anyway.

There - aren't you glad I don't tweet? I amuse myself with my thoughts, and I do talk to myself out loud, but I can't imagine that anyone else gives a hoot about most of what I think about during the day.


Life's a Beach! said...

Sue, I'm laughing because I signed up for a Twitter account so I could read a guy from high school's tweets and now have followers. So they're following nothing because I couldn't get my first virgin tweet to post.

And I talk to myself all the time! Love this post!

IslaZina said...

Oh, just use it in your blog for the days you don't have time to blog, but have something to say. So no more weeks without new info! Come on!!!

KfromMichigan said...

I love reading your blog .. and laughing. The cats & Loco and Miguel sleeping in the tub. Do you ever have a dull moment?

Islagringo said...

I can't even imagine having to update Twitter all the time too. I have enough trouble right now just keeping up with the blog. And you are right. Most people don't care about those senseless little quips. Facebook is a good example of posting nothing.

Nancy said...

I loved this post; it was cute. I would have a really hard time twittering because thoughts fly right out of my head as fast as they come in. I read something or see it on TV, and I think, "I need to Google that." Before I've even gotten to the computer I totally forgot what I wanted to look up.

Leslie said...

this was cute...but it was a blog even if it was in short segments...I agree...there may be people who's every thought is a golden gem worthy of the constant interruption (think Ghandi perhaps) ... actually potentially dangerous if burglars or other bad guys decide to take advantage of knowing your daily and large its mostly a lot of wasted bandwidth...and we all know that the Internet is going to crash if the volume keeps expanding faster than the infrastructure....just another brick in the wall!

Sue said...

Beck - that is funny that you have followers! I think people who spend a lot of time alone do talk to themselves. At least, that's what I keep telling myself.

Zina - I'll just stick with the blog for now. Maybe once I'm 'retired' from the day to day workforce, I'll have more to blurb about.

K - ask Miguel, he says he has to have his 'escapes' because he gets bored around here. I say there is nothing boring about this place. Perspective, I guess.

Wayne - agree about Facebook, although I did start using it a bit when Renee was killed. It's sort of amazing how quickly it recommends people to be my 'friends' just based on the fact that someone I know that knows someone who knows someone else I might know might want to be friends. Yet I can't find a single person I actively try to look for.

Nancy - that happens to me all the time. I open an internet window and then sit there wondering what it was I was going to look up. Glad you enjoyed the post.

Leslie - I think it's also a productivity deterrent - people that are supposed to be working are posting on message forums, Facebook, Twitter, etc. And using company bandwidth in some cases.

Bennie said...

Well I talk to myself all the time too Sue... But I can't Tweet them all or I'd drive folks nuts. Oh and there are those tweets that are best kept to yourself.