Thursday, January 28, 2010

If not for the agitator...

the washing machine would be a great place for Maya to sleep. Or so she seems to think.

The last two nights, our Maya, who loves to sleep in the bathroom sink, has decided to give the washing machine tub a try. The first night I was dozing in the bedroom and heard strange noises coming from the laundry room. Upon investigation, there was Maya, sitting in the washing machine. Looking like she was trying to get comfortable but couldn't.

Maya is a big cat, and she couldn't quite squeeze her ample body around the center agitator. So she jumped out and went on her way.

Last night I heard noises again, and this time Smokey was sitting on the floor and gazing at the washing machine. Minina was up on the top of the machine, and yup, inside was Maya again. It appeared that Smokey and Minina were trying to figure out why Maya was in the machine, and actually, Maya looked like she was trying to figure it out too. She looked a little sheepish and finally jumped out.

So far tonight Maya has not gotten into the washing machine. Maybe she's over her fetish. Or maybe she's waiting until we go to bed before she starts thumping around in there.


Life's a Beach! said...

One discovers it and they all want it! LOL

Bennie said...

Too funny. I can just picture what Maya looked like in that washing machine.