Saturday, January 9, 2010

It's the kind of day when...

- The bedspread I forgot to bring in last night has now had two additional rinses from rainwater; it will stay on the line until either the north wind dries it or I despair of it ever getting dry and imagine it rotting outside and so I bring it in.

- The cats cannot go on the back terrace and so they are shut in the downstairs bedroom so I can clean the floors without little paws running across the wet floor. Because of the cooler air, all the animals have more energy and so not only do they run, they chase each other and slip and slide across the floor. Last night I filled the water bowl twice and Maya promptly crashed into it, tipping all the water on the floor. I gave up and decided if they were thirsty enough they could lap it up off the floor and I went to bed.

- Miguel thinks our guest who is due to arrive today will not come because of the weather. I think our guest WILL come because being here in our home will be a lot more comfortable than a hotel in Cancun, and she is coming in time for breakfast (Update: I'm posting this after I wrote this and I should have bet Miguel because our guest did arrive and she enjoyed a hot breakfast and can now tuck in upstairs and just enjoy a down day in a cozy bed).

- The north wind is blowing the rain under the wooden shutters upstairs and Miguel asked me if Loco had an accident or it was rain. Loco wasn't even around to have an accident, he was tucked under our bed.

- Miguel decides today is the day he should tighten the accelerator cable on the golf cart, which has been loose for weeks and will probably result in him getting to his destination and then not being able to get the cart going again to return. Why he would want to do this 'maintenance' on a rainy day is beyond me, but there's no point in even asking.

- I am going to go and take a nap. The house is clean and anything I try to do related to sorting out papers and stuff will just draw an audience of curious cats more interested in dismantling my small piles. It's not worth it, a nap sounds much more enticing.



Ann said...

They are predicting it will be warming up here mid to late this coming week--here's hoping it does there too~!

Life's a Beach! said...

Craig's headed to Florida and the overnight lo there is supposed to be 31. I came down with another cold today. Ugh. So yes, it's another one of those days! Isla's really had a streak of bad weather!