Sunday, January 3, 2010


Not a New Year's resolution but simply a resolution...

Get the clutter in the dining room under control. And finally, I'm making progress. Other than the desk, which is still a disaster, the clutter is out of the dining room. It's now in our downstairs bedroom.

But it's getting more and more organized as I move it around. Today is the day I devote to finishing the organization. Because I can't get to my clothes if I don't deal with it. Right now I'm living out of the clothes I took off the line yesterday.

Ah...laundry. Clean and fresh from drying in the breeze. I am a laundry-aholic - I wash anything that might be remotely unfresh because after drying outside, the freshness comes indoors with the laundry. I have a little pile waiting for today - towels and bathmats.

Mexico can be stinky - badly vented drainage pipes that back-vent into the house at times (depending on wind and rain). Flooded streets with sewer water from poor drainage. But Mexico can also smell incredibly good - the oleander in the morning, the jasmine at night. And the Fabuloso with different scents of sweetness and freshness that can be used on just about anything in the house. I have an entire collection under the sink, depending on whether I want cinnamon, summer freshness, lavender, lemon, or any of the other scents it comes in. The pretty colors add to the appeal - red, turquoise, green, yellow.

After I clean the house with my bucket of Fabuloso, I dump it on the terrace to sweep off the bird doo-doo from the black birds that haunt the front terrace trying to steal the dog's food. And so the front of the house has that sweet scent as well. Now that I think about it, I think Fabuloso puts me in a good mood - it's pretty and smells good. It's the little things in life, right?


Anonymous said...

When I saw Fabuloso at Walmart here in the frozen north, it brought a smile to my face and a whiff of Isla.

Island Nana

Life's a Beach! said...

I'm so glad you told me the wonderful smell in Mexico is Fabuloso! I mopped floors and wiped down bathrooms with it Friday. I think the bottle I have is lavendar. Now I know to just dump it out in the courtyard and hose it down! Today's my day to start decluttering from Christmas. UGH!

Happy 2010 Sue!