Thursday, March 25, 2010

Discovering my hidden Italian genes

I am so happy. We finally have at least two places where I can go to get GREAT food at a great price - food that is not Mexican. After living here for all these years, I sometimes need a change - a break from the chicken that I always eat (since I don't eat seafood, fish, or much pork and almost no beef here).

I have already written about Milagro Pizza - they simply have GREAT pizza, GREAT calzone, and GREAT garlic buds. Last night I went and sat up on the upper balcony waiting for my order of spaghetti and meatballs. I am always leary about ordering spaghetti as I am probably a bit of a spaghetti snob. I grew up in Niagara Falls where the population was about 50% Italian, so great Italian food and bread are part of my soul, and I know the real stuff from the rest.

The meatballs are made onsite with their own spices, and they were good. The spaghetti was good, but maybe a little over cooked (a little starchy or something), and the sauce was a little strong. But it was still good and beats any spaghetti I've had here so you can be sure I'll order it again, and the plate was loaded so I have enough for another meal here at home. Despite the strong wind I enjoyed sitting over the road and watching the traffic while I intermittently read my book. The basket of napkins was weighted down with a garlic head - cute! Just standing in front of the display case makes me hungry - everything looks so good and the fresh peppers, tomatoes, and garlic heads displayed give the place a real Italian feel.

This morning I decided to try Cafe Hidalgo for a crepe. I was very impressed with the little place and found my perfect table - out in the back, a single table with a view of a lovely patio garden and tons of plants. Adorable!

I ordered the crepe with tomatoes, olives, and cheese. The plate came with a side of sliced tomatoes and a glass of carrot fingers. There was a side dish of olive oil with parsley and garlic, and was the perfect thing to dab over the crepe. I ate everything and was stuffed. My drink was cold chocolate milk - not from a box, but made like a smoothie.

On my way out I met the Italian owner who was preparing food behind the counter. She was friendly and I can see she takes pride in her food and her restaurant. I told her the meal was simply delicious, and she was pleased. 

I really was impressed with the quality of the food. And the price? Just 65 pesos, well worth it. You can be sure I will be going back to try some of their other things on the menu - sandwiches, croissants, dessert crepes. I am so happy to find this little gem. My Italian genes (which I don't really have other than through osmosis) are happy little genes. Yum!

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Jackie said...

I thought that some of the best pizza on Isla was at Brisa’s Grill until I tried Milagro’s last week. FABULOUS!