Sunday, March 28, 2010

Thirst for knowledge

I could spend much of my time researching this and that on the internet - there is a ton of information, and much of it is FREE. I like FREE.

I wanted to know how to:
  • make chicken crepes
  • make no-knead bread
  • build a wood pizza oven
  • build a solar oven
  • figure out the breed of cat we have living on the front terrace
  • buy the best pan to make crepes
  • look up Loco's blood disorder
  • etc, etc, etc
The problem with this type of research is that the online document is full of hyperlinks. Links you click on to take you to another page, where you get buried in reading whatever it is that they want to tell you or sell you. I tend to open each link in a new tab or window because I've learned that if I don't, I often forget what I was even trying to look up in the first place. Bookmarking pages only works to a point, because once you get a long list of bookmarks that you didn't take the time to organize when you added the bookmark, it's a daunting list to try to find whatever you bookmarked.

Every now and then I run down the list of my bookmarks. It's like Christmas, as I discover all kinds of great sites I didn't take the time to look at, or I forgot about. And then I go back into that hyperlink cycle once again, fascinated with where it takes me and forgetting I was intending to clean up my bookmarks.

The only solution is a computer crash where you didn't have a backup of your bookmarks. I did have the computer crash, but I also have the backup of my bookmarks from that computer. restore or not to restore? I know what will happen if I import them into my new computer. Bookmark mania once again and another few lost hours digging into newly discovered pages. Oh well. Why not?

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Life's a Beach! said...

Love my bookmarks! I just need to remember to check them. I've never managed to back them up before a computer crashes.